Aug 11, 1999

Seagate Ships 1,000,000th Fibre Channel Disc Drive

As it continues to build momentum in delivering core technology for the Storage Area Networking (SAN) marketplace, Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG) today announced the shipment of the 1,000,000th Fibre Channel disc drive. The Fibre Channel interface is the critical technology that enables disc drives to directly communicate with other devices across the storage network, including other storage products, peripherals, and servers. This benefits users by delivering faster and more widespread access to information; the ability to better automate tasks, such as back-up routines within certain time frames; and communicate and share information across dissimilar operating platforms.

Seagate anticipates shipment of their next million Fibre Channel disc drives by spring. The company developed the world's first Fibre Channel disc drive in 1994 and has led in the development and integration of the Fibre Channel interface in storage devices. The company is currently shipping its fourth generation of Fibre Channel products and continues to co-develop Fibre Channel storage technologies with leading OEMs to accelerate the transition to Storage Area Networks.

"This is an important milestone for Seagate and the Fibre Channel interface. Clearly a new generation of applications and architectures including storage area networks are fueling this growth. Looking forward, as the need for capacity is overshadowed by the need for performance, we expect the demand for Fibre Channel interface drives will accelerate." Crawford Del Prete, Group Vice President, IDC Storage and Systems Research.

"Storage technology is rapidly moving towards SANs and the Fibre Channel interface is the core technology for this platform," said Rudy Thibodeau, Executive Director of Marketing for Seagate's High Performance Products. "With storage requirements doubling every 12-18 months and the cost of managing storage nearly ten times the cost of purchasing storage, the need for an efficient storage management platform becomes very clear. SANs have demonstrated their ability to fit that need, with research indicating that a single IT manager can maintain 5-7 times more storage on a SAN than in a traditional storage architecture."

Seagate Ships 1,000,000th Fibre Channel Disc Drive

Seagate's latest product offerings deliver six Fibre Channel configurations, including 18-, 36-, and 50-Gbyte Barracuda disc drives delivering 7,200-rpm performance and 9-, 18-, and 36-Gbyte Cheetah disc drives delivering 10,000-rpm performance. All models are currently shipping in volume.

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