Mar 15, 1999

Seagate Ships 2.5 Millionth Cheetah Disc Drive

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) has become the world's first disc drive supplier to announce shipment of two and a half million 10,000-rpm disc drives. The Cheetah family of disc drives, the industry's first 10,000-rpm product and widely recognized as the world's fastest drive, achieved this goal within two years of the product family's first volume shipment. Seagate expects to ship the three millionth drive by the end of the quarter. Seagate's line of Cheetah disc drives will be on display at CeBIT 99 this week in Hannover, Germany.

"Seagate introduced the world's first hard disc drive for personal computers nearly 20 years ago. This milestone again highlights Seagate's position as one of the most recommended and trusted drive brands in the world," said Don Kelly, Seagate's executive vice president of High-End Product Marketing and Planning. "Seagate continues to expand the capabilities of data storage and is at the forefront of today's shift to storage as an area of strategic focus, as we develop new, information-centric computing architectures."

Seagate has shipped three generations of 10,000-rpm disc drives. The Cheetah 4LP/9 was the first generation and immediately dubbed "The world's fastest disc drive" by Byte Magazine, a title that has followed the drive family in ensuing years. The current generation, the Cheetah 9LP/18, doubled drive capacity and introduced the first high-performance disc drive with reduced-diameter media technology for substantially cooler drive operation and faster seeks. The third generation recently announced, the Cheetah 18LP/36, again doubles drive capacity and further lowers power and cooling requirements, thanks to its exclusive Just-in-Time (JIT) seeking technology.

"The incorporation of Seagate's Cheetah family of 10,000-rpm disc drives into Dell's PowerEdge server and PowerVault storage products helps Dell deliver the enhanced performance, throughput, and I/Os per second our customers expect," said Kevin Reinis, director of PowerVault storage marketing for Dell. "Dell's alliance with Seagate has been a key asset as we've worked to quickly bring to market industry-leading technologies, such as Fibre Channel and 10,000-rpm disc drives."

"The need for 10,000-rpm drives is quickly shifting from the periphery to the mainstream of enterprise computing," said John Monroe, chief analyst for Dataquest/Gartner Group. "We are now predicting that 10,000-rpm enterprise drive shipments will begin to predominate over shipments of 7,200-rpm enterprise drives late in the third calendar quarter of 1999, primarily due to a change in performance requirements for evolving server and RAID systems. The market for 10,000-rpm (and faster) enterprise drives should grow to constitute in excess of 90 percent of enterprise drive shipments during the year 2001."

Seagate continues to focus on the ability of the Cheetah to be best-in-class for enterprise transaction processing. The high rotational rate, fast seek times, and performance-optimized Advanced SCSI Architecture II (ASA II) enables the Cheetah family to be the disc drive series of choice for the industry's best performance-per-dollar servers, as rated by the Transaction Processing Council.

The Cheetah 18LP and Cheetah 36 offer sustained data transfer rates as great as 28 Mbytes/second. The drives are available with both the Ultra2 SCSI w/LVD interface and Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) interface for sustained data transfer rates reaching 200 Mbytes/second in dual-loop configurations. The drives also leverage Public Loop Support (PLS), which initially debuted in the preceding generation of disc drives. PLS provides the capability of connecting more than 16 million drives to a Storage-Networked, Fibre Channel infrastructure. The combination of FC-AL and PLS truly enables the evolution of Storage Area Networks. The Cheetah 18LP and Cheetah 36 are scheduled to begin volume shipment in April.

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