Apr 04, 2001

Seagate Ships Over Fifteen Million 10K-RPM Cheetah Disc Drives, More 10K-RPM Drives Than All Competitors Combined

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate has consistently been first-to-market with the world's highest performance disc drives. Now, in just a few short years since its introduction, total shipments of 10K-rpm Cheetahs have exceeded 15 million units, more 10K-rpm drives than all its competitors combined. Seagate Cheetahs serve as the storage backbone of the Internet and also drive many of today's most data-intensive applications for businesses of all sizes. Because Cheetahs have to perform in 24 x 7 x forever server environments that run business-critical applications, reliability is not an option but a requirement. Time-to-market, exceptional performance value and field-proven reliability are the reasons Seagate's Cheetah disc drives are the most popular 10K drives in the world today.

"Seagate's Cheetah drives are positioned to satisfy the performance and reliability requirements associated with key growing enterprise markets," said Dave Reinsel, senior analyst at IDC. "IDC sees storage becoming increasingly consolidated into centrally managed storage solutions that will demand faster, cooler, and quieter drives - performance metrics Seagate continues to optimize in the Cheetah platform."

"Even from the initial development of the very first Cheetah, its role was clear: to meet our customers' demand for the fastest, most reliable disc drives in the world," said Joel Stead, Seagate's senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "Since their introduction, all of the major OEMs have qualified and incorporated Seagate Cheetahs for use in their systems. It is this combination of fulfilling our customers' needs, on-time delivery, and having superior technology leadership that has helped make Seagate's Cheetah family of disc drives the most popular Enterprise drives in the world."

For more information about Seagate's entire family of products including its award-winning Cheetah models, visit http://www.seagate.com.

About Seagate
Seagate is the world's leading provider of storage technology for Internet, business and consumer applications. The Company's products include disc drives for the Enterprise, PCs and Consumer Electronics, as well as Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions and Server Appliances. Seagate's market leadership is based on delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at www.seagate.com.

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