Jul 26, 2003

Seagate Star Summer Camp Stirs The Imaginations Of Wuxi School Children

This summer, 50 children will be spending three days of their vacation at the Seagate Star Summer Camp to nurture their interest in mastering the English language. The camp, organized by Seagate in conjunction with the Wuxi Education Bureau, runs July 26-28 and will be officially opened by the vice general secretary of Wuxi Municipal Government, Tang Xiquan, the Director of Wuxi Education Bureau, Gao Guoqiang and Seagate vice president of China Operations, Johnny Lau.

The participants were selected from Wuxi elementary school students between Grades 5 and 6, who distinguished themselves as all-rounded achievers in academics, physical fitness, citizenship and their skill in both oral and written English.

"Through this camp, we hope to encourage the younger generation of China to develop an interest in and attain a better grasp of the English language," said vice general secretary Tang Xiquan. "With China's rapid trade growth in the wake of our entry to the World Trade Organization, having proficiency in the undisputed international language of commerce will definitely help us tap our full potential. We thank Seagate for their vision to help the community to engineer a better future."

Among the "edu-tainment" activities that involve teamwork, the children will visit Wuxi's cultural and literary attractions as well as Seagate's facility in Wuxi. Guided by Seagate volunteers, these children will draw inspiration from their experiences to document their journals in English.

The highlight of the camp would be the Seagate Star English Storytelling competition, where 10 finalists will attempt to impress the panel of judges, based on their experience in the camp. The top three winners will be awarded the Seagate Golden, Silver and Red Stars respectively - representing some of the most outstanding English orators among the Wuxi elementary students.

"Our commitment to excellence and innovation has helped us to build a successful operation in Wuxi and we believe those are the same values that we can leverage to build a stronger future for our community," said Seagate's Lau. "We believe our role in helping develop the minds of young people is directly relevant to Seagate's future success."

Seagate will be evaluating the response of participants in its first Camp with the Wuxi Education Bureau on organizing the camp on an annual basis for elementary school students.

"We are delighted that Seagate has taken an active interest in the development of our younger generation," said Gao. "Seagate has allowed us to take learning outside the classroom, adding value to what we can give to our students. They have set a path of excellence in English proficiency that we would like to cultivate. We hope the creativity and interaction that our students have experienced from this camp, will inspire them to share with their fellow students."

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