Sep 27, 2006

Seagate Storage Solutions are Endorsed for Exceptional Performance and Innovation by Leading Online Reviews Site

Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) announced today that two of its external storage solutions, Seagate eSATA External Hard Drive and Maxtor Shared Storage II network storage solution, have been recognized for their exceptional performance and industry-leading features in recent reviews by Tom's Hardware Guide, one of the Internet's premiere resources for hardware news and reviews. Praised for "raising the bar" and delivering the "best Apple support" in the network storage market, Seagate's solutions earned Tom's Hardware Guide's highest recommendation. Seagate offers the largest and most diverse family of storage and automatic backup solutions for consumers, small business users and creative professionals, including the fastest single-disk solutions and high-performance network storage solutions for home and small offices.

"We're committed to providing our customers with a broad selection of innovative storage and backup options that deliver the best solution on the market for every user's particular needs," said Jim Druckrey, senior vice president and general manager, Seagate Branded Solutions. "Our expansive family of Seagate and Maxtor Branded Solutions continues to deliver cutting-edge performance, robust data protection and user-friendly features that meet the growing demand for people around the globe to easily store, organize, backup, share and manage their digital content."

Ideal for tech-savvy consumers and creative professionals such as digital video and sound editors who frequently use data-intensive applications such as video editing or large file transfers, the Seagate eSATA External serial ATA Hard Drive provides enough performance to enable digital producers to keep up with their creativity. Delivering backup and protection with speeds up to three gigabits per second, which is five times faster than most USB 2.0 and FireWire external storage solutions, the Seagate eSATA External Hard Drive is the perfect choice when time and performance matters most. It is designed for industry-leading performance when used with PC's, entry-level servers or digital video work stations and comes with everything needed to easily install and experience accelerated transfer speeds including the eSATA PCI card and cable.

"External SATA is a great idea, and we applaud Seagate's entry into this relatively new market," wrote Tom's Hardware reviewer Don Woligroski in his August 24th article. Woligroski praises the storage solution's performance, stating that, "Clearly, the eSATA is a very fast drive, and an excellent choice for an external solution. It's a solid product and we can recommend it highly to those who need fast, mobile data transfer."

Another recent Tom's Hardware review commends Seagate for its new Maxtor Shared Storage II family of network storage and backup solutions. Designed to let small business users and families easily and automatically backup business files, accounting records, videos, photos, music and other digital files stored on multiple networked computers, the Maxtor Shared Storage II family of network storage and backup solutions began shipping this summer. They provide nearly effortless data management and security for up to 20 PC or Mac users, and include useful software tools and features such as Maxtor Backup(tm) with an easy-to-use wizard interface for configuring backup schedules and restoration, a Maxtor SimpleView(tm) interface that provides the backup and storage status of all users on the network at a glance, and the Maxtor family's exclusive, automatic Drag and Sort(tm) file organization technology.

In March 2006, the first-generation family of Maxtor Shared Storage network storage solutions was honored with a Tom's Hardware Guide 2005 Readers' Choice Award for best network attached storage (NAS) product. "Like the original Shared Storage, the Shared Storage II is a solid device with performance that tops our performance charts," writes Tom's Hardware Guide reviewer Jim Buzbee in his August 24th article. In his review, Buzbee highlights the Maxtor Shared Storage II solution's media serving capabilities, RAID support and the bundled EasyManage(tm) application. "Maxtor gets points for providing the best Apple support I've seen yet in a consumer NAS both in bundled applications and built-in features." In his review summary, he pays tribute to the broad functionality of the solution by calling it "a solid product that raises the performance bar for consumer-level NAS devices."

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