Jun 08, 2005

Seagate Strengthens its Lead in CE Market with New Innovations for the Terabyte Life


  • Breakthrough Hard Drive for Cars
  • First 8GB 1-Inch Hard Drive
  • First 2.5-Inch Consumer Electronics Hard Drive
  • Biggest-Ever DVR Hard Drive
  • Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the world's number-one hard drive maker for Consumer Electronics (CE), announced today it has further expanded its line of CE hard disc drives, unveiling a series of industry innovations including: a breakthrough hard drive designed specifically for use in cars; the first 8GB 1-inch hard drive for handheld applications; the first 2.5-inch hard drive designed specifically for consumer electronics devices; and the industry's highest capacity drive - a 500GB model - for DVRs (digital video recorder) and home entertainment systems. The new products will increase Seagate's lead in delivering the broadest offering of CE storage and serving the entire spectrum of applications driving the emerging "terabyte life" - from automobile navigation and entertainment, to home theater, handheld audio, video, communications and computing.

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    EE25 Series - disc drives hit the road

    The EE25 Series disc drive is Seagate's first drive designed specifically to meet the needs of the global automotive industry and other "extreme environment" applications. EE25 Series is targeted at automobile OEMs and their system manufacturers as well as to ruggedized mobile computing and industrial PC applications. High capacity 20 and 40 GB capacity points will deliver massive storage for bringing DVD-free GPS and high-quality AV entertainment services to the car. Most importantly, the EE25 Series will provide the industry's most extreme environmental robustness to enable the continued transformation of the car into an extension of the terabyte lifestyle.

    Extended operating temperatures will enable the EE25 Series to reliably deliver digital information whether in Scandinavia or Singapore. The world's first hard drive with extreme environmental resistance that can operate in temperatures from -30 to 85 degrees C and in high-humidity and high-altitude environments, the EE25 Series resists conditions that would cause lesser drives to freeze up, overheat, and fail in the mission of delivering new digital services to the automobile. Similarly, the drive's increased resistance to operating vibration of up to 2.2 Gs withstands the constant vibration of automobile operation while streaming navigation, entertainment and data services.

    In addition, Seagate automotive Design Service Centers offer a cross-functional team ready to assist automotive companies with mechanical design expertise, solutions for integration issues, and global technology support. Seagate's experts at its Design Service Centers have worked directly with the automotive development team to understand the applications and the product and are ready to assist automotive OEMs with solving the challenges of integrating the hard drive into the challenging environment of automobile entertainment and information systems and other very rugged settings.

    "The automobile market is poised to become a significant market for hard disc drive products," according to Mike Paxton, senior analyst at In-Stat, a technology research firm. "However, meeting the demand for multimedia storage in automobiles will be challenging due to the extreme temperature and vibration environment. Seagate's EE25 Series is designed to meet this challenge while supporting both navigation and entertainment systems. The breadth of Seagate's consumer electronics product introductions reflects the company's strategy to leverage its technology platforms to meet diverging market needs."

    ST1 Series - for music players and other handheld CE devices

    Seagate is the first to offer an 8GB, 1-inch hard drive - the industry's highest capacity - with new, more advanced technology in the widely adopted ST1 Series hard drive for handheld applications. The 8GB Seagate ST1 Series can hold up to 200 hours - or 4,000 songs - of high-quality music files (128 kbps), a breakthrough for pocket-size music players and entertainment devices. With 8GB, consumers will keep larger-than-ever libraries of music, video and digital photos in their pockets.

    Seagate's ST1 Series also delivers important and unique features for handheld applications. Seagate's exclusive RunOn Technology ensures consistent music playback while in a high-motion environment, such as jogging - the drive actually senses and compensates for motion to stay on track. Seagate also delivers technology that protects the drive against shock from accidental system mishandling, increasing the robustness of the devices into which it's integrated. Now shipping qualification units to select OEM customers in 8GB capacity, and also available in 6GB, 5GB, 4GB, 3GB and 2.5GB, Seagate's ST1 Series hard drive family is used in all the leading handheld music players and by more device makers than any other 1-inch hard drive.

    LD25 Series - for gaming systems, home entertainment devices and small-footprint PCs

    Seagate's new LD25 Series is the first consumer electronics hard drive in a compact, 2.5-inch form factor - an entirely new concept for inside-the-box CE storage that enables smaller, simpler, cooler-running and more cost-effective game consoles, home entertainment devices and small footprint media PCs. Seagate's industry leading DynaPlay technology optimizes the drive for media streaming, power consumption and content security.

    LD25 Series makes it possible for game consoles like the Xbox 360 to expand their capabilities far beyond traditional gaming - to enable them to expand and keep new soundtracks for games, to rip and store entire libraries of music and video, and to play back multimedia centralizing other entertainment functions with the gaming function.

    With the increasing popularity of PC systems based on clever design and Mini-ITX mainboards, small footprint PCs and PC media centers are becoming a very visible - or perhaps a less visible - part of the home entertainment and information network. The LD25 Series' unique combination of small size and media-focused design will further promote and enable these new, creative designs. Based on Seagate's industry-leading technology platforms, the LD25 Series offers 20GB, 30GB and 40GB capacities and both PATA and SATA interfaces, is designed specifically for use in installed home entertainment applications, and features Seagate's patented SoftSonic fluid dynamic bearing motors for super-quiet operation and high reliability. LD25 Series is shipping now to the Microsoft Xbox 360 and to other consumer electronics customers and manufacturers of small-footprint PCs.

    "The hard drive extends the gaming experience on Xbox 360," said Todd Holmdahl, corporate vice president, Xbox hardware. "From downloading trailers, new game levels, maps, weapons, vehicles, and more to supporting custom playlists in every game and storing video messages from friends, Seagate's LD25 Series 2.5-inch hard drive brings gaming and digital media together for the ultimate entertainment experience."

    DB35 Series - for DVRs and home video systems

    Seagate announced it will ship the industry's highest capacity - 500GB - in a hard drive designed specifically for DVR (digital video recorder) and home entertainment systems. The Seagate DB35 Series hard drive will offer up to 85 hours of High-Definition TV recording, 500 hours of standard TV recording, and up to 10 simultaneous standard TV streams with Seagate's DynaPlay technology. The new DB35 Series hard drive will provide the industry's largest available capacity for digital video entertainment, enabling consumers to keep more of the shows they love and to take better advantage of High-Definition TV and multi-room DVRs, as well as new television services like video on demand and interactive TV.

    DynaPlay technology offers a comprehensive set of features for operation in the DVR environment, optimizing startup power, acoustics, video streaming performance, and digital rights management.

    The DB35 Series also powers Seagate's new class of add-on DVR storage devices designed to plug easily into properly equipped DVRs and set-top boxes. Seagate's External DVR Hard Drive will also feature up to 500GB of additional television storage in a single plug-and-play box - the highest capacity in the industry - and offers 1394, USB, or the new high-performance eSATA interface. Seagate offers its External DVR Hard Drive to cable service operators who want to provide add-on storage to their compatible cable DVR set-top boxes. Seagate can also provide fulfillment for cable customer orders and customize the drive to reflect cable operator branding.

    CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive - the digital photographer's choice in storage

    The Seagate CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive will now offer an unheard of 8,000 MB of capacity for digital cameras in a tiny 1-inch standard CompactFlash Type II card and at a far more attractive price than flash-based cards. It will let photographers shoot huge volumes of high-resolution pictures without changing the card - this reduces set-up time and extends shoot cycles, which saves photographers valuable time and resources. Consumers will find they can take full advantage of moving video features on their cameras. Its massive 8GB capacity can reduce the need to purchase or carry additional storage cards and can deliver over 2400 high-resolution (6 megapixel) pictures, or over 6400 standard-resolution pictures (3 megapixel) on a single card. The Seagate CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive plugs into CompactFlash Type II slots on many of today's digital video and still cameras.

    As the only hard drive company offering products for nearly every hard drive application, Seagate provides the global scale, supply and support that Consumer Electronics device makers need. Seagate delivers a complete business and technology partnership that enables growth in the home and portable entertainment market segments.

    Seagate is shipping limited quantities of the Seagate 8GB ST1 Series and the Seagate LD25 Series now to select OEM customers. The Seagate 500GB DB35 Series will ship this summer. The Seagate EE25 Series will ship this fall.

    Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc drives, providing products for a wide range of Enterprise, PC, Notebook and Consumer Electronics applications. The company is committed to delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability, to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at www.seagate.com.

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