Oct 05, 1999

Seagate Tapestore. Travan NS 20 Awarded Winmag.com's Winlist 100

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG), a leading manufacturer of computer tape drive products, today announced the Seagate TapeStor Travan NS 20 has received the distinguished WinList 100 Award from Winmag.com, a CMP Media Inc. online publication. In the September 1999 review, Seagate's TapeStor Travan NS 20 unseated a Travan NS 20 product from another manufacturer.

Every month Winmag.com tests, evaluates and compares hundreds of software and hardware products. Only the best product within each category receives WinList 100 recognition and remains on the list as long as it leads its particular category. Each review on the WinList 100 explains why the editors think each product is the best and includes feature, price and vendor information.

"Seagate's TapeStor Travan NS 20 offers hardware data compression and read-while-write data verification, which eliminates the need to run the verify step in backup software," stated James E. Powell, Managing Editor, Reviews, Winmag.com. "In addition, its FastSense™ feature throttles the drive's speed up or down to match your system's throughput, eliminating the need to stop, start and rewind the tape - and thus maximizing backup speed. The drive is a dependable performer."

"The WinList award reflects Seagate's commitment to deliver best-in-class tape backup solutions for computer users to protect the valuable information they rely on every day," said Kevin Perry, executive director of marketing and business development, Seagate Removable Storage Solutions. "With outstanding data integrity and industry-leading reliability, the TapeStor Travan NS 20 offers value and performance for workstations and servers. Seagate is honored to receive such acclaimed recognition from Winmag.com."

The TapeStor Travan NS 20 features up to 20 Gbytes of capacity (10 Gbytes native) and a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating of 330,000 hours at a 20-percent duty cycle, the highest in the industry. The TapeStor Travan NS 20 offers backward read compatibility with Travan 8 and NS 8 cartridges, assuming tapes are formatted with the same software.

The Seagate TapeStor Travan NS 20 is a value bundle featuring the Hornet NS 20 tape drive and Veritas Backup Exec for Windows 95/98, Novell NetWare and Windows NT Server. This easy-to-use, seamless solution includes a disaster recovery feature for desktop computers that will restore the operating system, configuration and data. The TapeStor package also includes a Travan NS 20 data cartridge and diagnostic software. Both the TapeStor Travan NS 20 and the Hornet NS 20 are backed by Seagate's two-year warranty.

For more information on Seagate tape drives, customers can call 1-800-626-6637 or 714-641-2500.

Seagate Tape Drives - Travan, DDS and LTO
With more than 9 million tape drives installed, Seagate is a market leader in tape backup solutions. Seagate produces an extensive range of products designed to meet the backup needs of virtually every platform from high-performance workstations to midrange servers. To meet the backup requirements of small servers and NT workstations, Seagate's Hornet Travan™ drives have capacities of up to 20 Gbytes. Scorpion™ Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drives and autoloaders with capacities of up to 240 Gbytes are suited for a wide range of platforms including large PC servers and Unix workstations. The Company also offers TapeStor Travan and TapeStor DAT bundled solutions that include backup software, media and other accessories.

Seagate, along with fellow technology providers Hewlett-Packard and IBM, created Linear Tape-Open, or LTO, technology, a new powerful, scaleable, open tape architecture that will meet the growing storage demands of midrange to enterprise-class servers with up to 200 Gbytes of data per cartridge.


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