Mar 23, 2005

Seagate and Kasetsart University to Hold Xceed Camp

Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd., in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering of Kasetsart University, is launching Xceed camp, a week-long event for students interested in becoming computer software engineers.

Xceed Camp, a name that comes from "Extensively Collaborative Environment for Software Development Camp," will be held from May 25-30 in Nakorn Pathom, a province 150 km. from Bangkok. The objective is to provide a team-based learning environment in which first-year Computer Engineering students can significantly enhance their computer programming skills by actually putting to work the knowledge that they've acquired in the class room.

"Now that more automated equipment is needed for manufacturing, engineers have to be knowledgeable, not only in electrical and mechanical engineering but also in computer engineering and programming," said Dr. Pornchai Piemsomboon, Sr. Vice President of Asia Manufacturing Operations. "As we look toward the future, we can see the need to increase the pool of available talent in the computer programming field. Seagate sponsors the camp because we see it as a wonderful opportunity to nurture and motivate students who are interested in the computer-programming field, and who may one day be Seagate employees," Dr. Pornchai continued.

Associate Professor Yuen Poovorawan, Vice President of Kasetsart University said, "To be good software engineers, the students need to not only study in class or read from textbooks, but also receive hands-on experience. Xceed Camp will provide that experience. The camp will provide a team-based environment for 150 freshmen to actually implement what they've learned in the classroom. With support from senior students and coaches, students will undertake computer-programming assignments that range in difficulty from simple to highly complex. Assignments will involve designing, developing, and modifying large software systems; function-oriented and object-oriented modular design techniques; designing for re-use and maintainability; specification and documentation; verification and validation; project team organization and management.

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