Sep 08, 1999

Seagate and Mylex to Offer Resellers Ultra2 SCSI RAID Storage Bundle Solutions

Mylex Corporation (Nasdaq: MYLX), the world's leading RAID controller vendor in the non-captive network systems marketplace, and Seagate Technology Inc. (NYSE: SEG), the world's largest independent disc drive maker, today announced a partnership to provide resellers with a complete, easy-to-use Ultra2 SCSI RAID storage bundle. The bundle offers resellers and integrators savings, as well as the convenience of a pre-tested, synergistic solution.

"Resellers are looking for high quality, affordable and easy-to-use Ultra2 products for their customers," said Eric Herzog, vice president of marketing at Mylex. "They want to spend less time researching and testing products and more time providing service to their customers. Mylex's controllers, paired with Seagate's top-notch drives, make it easy for resellers to offer their customers a complete Ultra2 solution that also support their customers' legacy Ultra SCSI and SCSI devices."

"We chose to partner with Mylex because they offer the industry's most advanced RAID controller technology and our customers trust the Mylex name," said Gary Gentry, Seagate vice president of Strategic Marketing for Personal and Enterprise Storage. "Their family of cost-effective, high-performance controllers are an ideal complement to our Ultra2 SCSI drives. We believe this storage solution will help further the Ultra2 SCSI standard."

"More than 20 million Barracuda disc drives in a wide variety of computer systems around the world have earned a formidable reputation for making information highly available and secure," added Gentry. "The Barracuda 18LP's Ultra2 SCSI implementation leverages Seagate's advanced work with the interface to deliver true 80 MB/second support and full support of low-voltage differential (LVD) technology. By offering this bundle, we can provide our customers with a simple way to profit from those capabilities."

Mylex and Seagate's Ultra2 SCSI RAID bundle comes in two options. One consists of Mylex's AcceleRAID 150 controller, a five position 68-pin internal cable with termination and two Seagate 9GB Barracuda drives, and offers savings of up to $80.00. The other option consists of Mylex's AcceleRAID 250 controller, cable and three Seagate 18GB Barracuda drives, at savings of up to $133.00.

Resellers will find Ultra2 SCSI RAID is an ideal solution for customers who are implementing multimedia development, traditional file servers, clustering environments, application servers, development systems, PC workstations, mission critical installations, entry-level file servers, Internet, intranet and E-mail servers, and SANs, LANs and WANs.

Ultra2 SCSI Bundle Provides Improved Performance, Flexibility, Reliability and Scalability

Ultra2 SCSI users can expect more from their storage solution than they did from their Ultra SCSI implementation. Mylex and Seagate's Ultra2 SCSI bundle offers performance, twice that of Ultra SCSI, with throughput rates of up to 80MB/second. The Mylex AcceleRAID controllers support up to 16 devices, is hot-pluggable and supports the latest fault tolerance features.

Mylex's AcceleRAID 150 and 250 controllers include many of the same high performance and fault-tolerant features typical of expensive high-end RAID controllers at an entry-level price. The controllers' high performance results from Mylex's advanced RAID architecture, which includes Mylex's firmware, an Intel RISC processor, a monolithic NT driver and support for Ultra2 SCSI LVD.

AcceleRAID 150 and 250 offer such high performance at a low price because they also use the on-board SCSI channels on motherboards that support SCSI Interrupt Steering Logic (SISL.) The controllers contain fewer SCSI components, thereby reducing cost. The AcceleRAID controllers are easy to install and manage with Mylex's RAID EzAssistT installation utility and Global Array ManagerT RAID management software.

The Ultra2 SCSI bundle includes Seagate's Barracuda 18LP drives in a low-profile form factor with capacities of 18 GB and 9 GB. The Barracuda 18LP boasts a seek time of 6.9 msec and sustained data transfer rates of more than 80 MB/sec.

Seagate's Barracuda family is the leader in the 3.5-inch high-performance disc drive market. The family features 7,200 RPM performance and ranges in capacity from 4.55 up to 50.1 gigabytes. The fifth generation of the Barracuda family leverages the proven design and reliability standards of preceding Seagate enterprise storage products in order to establish industry-leading levels of total storage volume, performance, and available capacity-points.

The Barracuda family continues to garner numerous accolades from the world's top technology publications. Combining proven designs with innovative new features positions the latest line of Barracuda and Cheetah disc drives as the best solution for today's workstation, server, and storage subsystem applications, which demand reliable, high-performance and high capacity disc drives.

Specifications, Pricing and Availability Mylex and Seagate's Ultra2 SCSI bundle is available September 6 through October 29 from participating Mylex and Seagate distributors.

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Founded in 1983, Mylex Corporation is an ISO 9001-certified developer of high-performance hardware and software for moving, storing, protecting and managing data in network and desktop environments. Ranked as the #1 supplier of RAID controllers in the non-captive network systems disc array market in the 1998 Dataquest and IDC reports and #1 in the 1998, 1997, 1996 and 1995 DISC/TREND reports, Mylex produces high-performance RAID controller subsystems, SCSI adapters and complementary computer products for network servers, mass storage systems, workstations and system motherboards. Mylex products are sold globally through a network of OEMs, major distributors, VARs and system integrators. Mylex offers its resellers, VARs and systems integrators membership in The Mylex Reseller Services Program, a real-time support system that includes information to help propose, sell, install and support Mylex products. The program includes a special reseller-only website, located at Mylex Corporation is headquartered at 34551 Ardenwood Blvd., Fremont, CA 94555, and can be reached by phone at 510-796-6100 or toll free at 800-77-MYLEX, by fax at 510-745-8016 or on the Internet at

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