Feb 12, 2002

Seagate is Disc Drive of Choice for Polish Users

Seagate Technology, the leading supplier of hard disc drives, today announced that Seagate Barracuda® ATA IV, the first drive with 40-GByte capacity per disc and 7,200-rpm performance, was declared the clear winner of the annual CHIP contest for the best products on the market. Barracuda ATA IV was titled "Product of the Year 2001" in Hard Drives category. The results of the CHIP nationwide poll were published in the magazine's February issue.

The "Product of the Year" contest is annually organized by CHIP Poland. Nominated products are presented in different categories. This year, from 250 nominated products, the readers have chosen 23 best products of the year 2001. In category "Hard drives" Seagate again proved its unchallenged leadership. Four of the first five places belong to the Seagate drives family. Barracuda ATA IV is an absolute winner in this category as 47% of all voters chose this drive as the best product of year 2001 in category "Hard drives."

"Awards like Product of the Year in Polish edition of CHIP magazine always makes us very proud. This is the best proof of leading position of our products," said Don Kennedy of Seagate Technology. "The Product of the Year 2001 award received by Barracuda ATA IV is even more prestigious, due to the fact that it was CHIP readers' choice. Nothing can assure us better than this that our products are the best response to our customers' demands."

Over the years, Seagate hard drives have garnered rave reviews from leading publications worldwide. In Poland, some of the recent product recognition for Seagate included Top Ten Power for the Barracuda ATA IV disc drive from Chip Poland, Platinum Medal for the Barracuda ATA IV from PC Format and Top Ten Power for Cheetah X15-36LP from Chip Poland. Additionally, Seagate has also been awarded as the "Product of the Year 2000" by PC Kurier in 2001.

Barracuda ATA IV
The fastest PC hard drive ever, the virtually silent Barracuda ATA IV is the first drive with 40-GByte capacity per disc and 7,200-rpm performance. A revolutionary solution implemented in this drive is Seagate's SoftSonic™ Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motor, which makes the super-fast drive the world's only virtually silent hard drive. The Barracuda ATA IV disc drive also has a record-breaking internal transfer rate of 69.3 Mbytes per second. This is fast enough to copy an hour of MP3 music in under one second. The Barracuda ATA IV disc drive is fast enough to stream eight movies simultaneously, in DVD quality, without dropping a frame.

About CHIP
CHIP Poland, published by Vogel Publishing is one of the most important Polish computer monthly magazines. Published since 1993, has a circulation of 125 000. With its strong practical focus CHIP targets both computer specialists and ordinary users. Regularly published tests enjoys, over years, great popularity with the CHIP readers. For further information about CHIP, go to www.chip/pl. Information about the publishing hose can be found at: www.vogel.pl

About Seagate
Seagate is the world's leading provider of storage technology for Internet, business and consumer applications. The Company's products include disc drives for the Enterprise, PCs and Consumer Electronics, as well as Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions. Seagate's market leadership is based on delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at www.seagate.com.

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