Apr 13, 2000

Seagate is World's Leading Personal Video Recorder Storage Supplier, Shipping over 200,000 Disc Drives for PVR Market

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Technology, Inc., announced that it has shipped more than 200,000 disc drives for Personal Video Recorder (PVR) products, affirming the Company's leadership in this emerging market segment. Seagate U Series disc drives provide the critical technology that enables PVRs to pause, rewind and play back live TV programming. PVRs let viewers personalize their TV experience by automatically recording favorite programming to be viewed when, where and how they want it. Viewers can also immediately jump to any point between or within shows without the usual search time delay of tape- and cassette-based systems.

"Seagate is the clear leader in the PVR storage market, and continues to strengthen its substantial lead in the consumer electronics storage market overall. Seagate's shipment of more than 200,000 drives into PVR boxes far exceeds the shipments of all other storage vendors combined," said Mark Geenen, president at TrendFocus, a leading data storage market research firm. "Just as computer manufacturers looked to Seagate products to help them create the entry-level PC market, consumers have made it clear that Seagate is delivering the best combination of A/V performance, value, product availability, and environmental features such as acoustics, operating temperature, and reliability. This is an important milestone, both for Seagate and for the growth of the PVR market."

Seagate has long been the recognized leader for digital audio/video storage in the world of film, broadcasting and video. Seagate's ability to leverage that leading expertise from content producer to content consumer has enabled the Company to drive that leadership into the consumer electronics marketplace.

Seagate consumer electronics disc drives are engineered to provide the sustained data transfer rates required of A/V electronics, and focus on the key features that enable hard drive-based home electronics, such as lowered acoustics, reduced power consumption and longer life. Seagate's Consumer Applications Lab, with world-class expertise in system architectures, A/V recording, home networking and satellite and cable communications, provides strategic direction in the development of disc drives that are optimized for consumer applications.

Combined with the Company's expertise in A/V storage technology, Seagate offers an unparalleled combination of specific services to help Consumer Electronics providers use today's advanced storage technology to design and build tomorrow's entertainment devices.

"Our success in the PVR market is a result of Seagate's commitment to our customers in the Consumer Electronics market as a whole," said Steve Luczo, Seagate president and CEO. "We've maintained a strong focus on these customers since Seagate first established the Consumer Electronics storage market three years ago. Seagate's combination of products, value-added services and continued innovation have given us a strong, early lead in this market."

"We are particularly pleased that our advanced testing and integration services have led the Consumer Electronics market to choose Seagate over any other storage solution," said Luczo. "Since many of our Consumer Electronics customers are unfamiliar with hard disc drive technology, we offer them a combination of services to design and build the best product possible. We team up with our customers from start to finish, helping with the product design, assuring that the product is reliable and proven compatible over time, even helping them design the shipping package to protect the device. Many customers who are now qualifying projects with us are telling us that these services are one-of-a-kind in the storage industry."

Seagate is the world's leading supplier of disc storage for Consumer Electronics. Seagate shipped the world's first Consumer Electronics disc drive in 1997 and has led in the development and integration of PVR functionality in storage devices. The Company is currently shipping its fifth generation of products for consumer devices, and continues to develop storage technologies with leading Consumer Electronics makers to accelerate the future of home entertainment.

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