Apr 09, 2001

Seagate scoops awards across Europe - Independent validation of the performance and value-for-money of Seagate's disc drives

PARIS, France - In the first quarter of 2001, Seagate Technology scooped 20 awards from top-tier computer publications in the major European markets. Among the accolades bestowed on the Company's disc drives were "Product of the Year" by Germany's PC Professionnell and "Editors Choice" by PC Plus in the UK for the Cheetah X15; "Best Buy" for the Barracuda ATA II by Sweden's Maxidata; "Editor's Choice" by PC Fun, France, for the Barracuda ATA III; and "Editor's Choice" for the U Series 5 by PC Magazine in the Czech Republic. In calendar year 2000, Seagate won over 60 press awards in Europe for its disc drive products.

Joel Stead, Seagate's senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, says that these awards "are important, independent validation of the performance and value-for-money of Seagate's disc drives. The journalists and technicians who test and evaluate our drives are rigorous, impartial and thorough in their work. When we receive an award from them, we - and our customers - know that it is a genuine endorsement of our products." Stead says that the computer trade press tends to give most weight to performance and value-for-money when considering the destination of awards. "These are key considerations for our customers so it is particularly gratifying that objective commentators rate our products so highly under these headings."

Many of the citations and articles accompanying the awards Seagate has received are highly complimentary about the Company's products. PC Magazine in the Czech Republic said that "Seagate has thought of everything" with its U Series 5 "and provides its products not only with excellent electrical and mechanical features but also with a friendly price". PC Plus in the UK wrote that the Cheetah X15 has "the fastest random access speeds we've ever seen" while PC Expert in France said of the same product that it "attains performance levels never seen before by the magazine's test laboratory." The Cheetah X15 also found favour with Norway's PC Pro, which said that it has "the fastest access time we have ever seen." The Danish Hardware-Test.dk said that the Barracuda ATA III "gives very high performance, the fastest we have seen" while PC Fun in France recommended it because "its specs are perfect for any application" and praised it for its excellent price/quality ratio. Also in France the Barracuda ATA III was described as the best performing model of its generation by PC No 1 in an article titled "Performance at a sweet price".