Jan 16, 2002

The 15th Crystal Brain Camp Kasetsart- Seagate Focuses On Robotics Technology

BANGKOK, Thailand -

The 15th Crystal Brain Camp, Kasetsart-Seagate will focus on fundamental robotics technology and enabling students to develop am understanding of how it can be applied in various ways. The camp will be held April 22nd to 26th at the training center of National Agricultural Support and Training Center, Kampeangsan Nakhon Pathom.

"Thai children now have an opportunity to learn from experts in the field, and with robotics beginning to enter our lives in a variety of ways, it is important for our children to become familiar with it," said Supar Phokochiapat, Seagate corporate communications director. "This camp focuses on an exciting field and will hopefully inspire young people to pursue further education in the area of technology."

The camp also aims to inspire young people to spend their free time during the summer is a way that can maximize their potential in a creative and thoughtful way, learning to work and cooperate with others as part of a team.

Crystal Brain Camp was originally developed by a group of Kasetsart University lecturers led by Prof. Yeon Phuworawan, and was based on extensive research in the area of youth education.

Students have the opportunity to participate in various types of computer-related activities, such as the creation of a new Web site and the development of innovative products, games and recreational activities. Also, they will be given an opportunity to visit and learn about production processes at Seagate's Teparuk plant.

The 15th Crystal Brain Camp Kasetsart-Seagate is one of many community projects supported by Seagate, including the Partner Robot Contest, IISEF, Seagate Internet Training Camp; Classroom 2000: the Seagate Camp Project held in Kanchanaburi province; Hypercube Seagate Plus; Mobile Classroom and more.

"We are very committed to being a good corporate citizen in the communities in which our employees live and work," said Supar.

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