Nov 19, 2001

The Best Audio Product of 2001 Uses Seagate Hard Drives

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Powered by Seagate U Series hard drives for the consumer electronics (CE) market, the AudioReQuest Pro (ARQ Pro) home Digital Music System from ReQuest Multimedia has been named the Best Audio Product of 2001 by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).

ReQuest today announced that it has begun to ship ARQ2-Pro 100, the next generation of its award-winning AudioReQuest Digital Music Management System, now providing up to 750 non-stop hours of the highest quality MP3 digital music. Whether their music is on CDs, MP3s, MDs, LPs or cassettes, with the AudioReQuest Pro's wide variety of inputs, consumers can place their entire music collection in one personal digital jukebox. ReQuest chose Seagate's reliable-and extremely quiet-U Series CE hard drives to power this premier product.

ReQuest has also integrated Seagate U Series drives into its state-of-the-art AudioReQuest Zone, where it functions as a Quick-Swap™ removable hard drive. The ARQ Zone is an expansion to the AudioReQuest Pro system, and uses its own higher-capacity Seagate U Series CE drives to enable local multi-zone music synchronization and backup capabilities, giving new flexibility and power to the digital music system.

By utilizing ReQuest's patent-pending Netsync™ process, the ARQ Zone automatically replicates the ARQ Pro's entire stored music collection and playlists over high-speed Ethernet connections onto its own Quick-Swap removable hard drive, giving music lovers the ability to hear different songs play at the same time throughout the house. Unlike streaming technologies, Netsync provides a more robust and scalable solution for multisource audio. Netsync also provides the first multi-location solution, allowing customers to synchronize their music and playlists over the Internet to their second homes and yachts anywhere in the world. In addition, restaurants and other commercial businesses can create music playlists and promotions for all of their outlets. The ARQ Zone is also the industry's only automated redundant backup system to protect the user's valuable music collection investment.

"Seagate meets our stringent specs for acoustics, capacity and performance," said Zachary Piech, chief operating officer of ReQuest Multimedia. "They have the very quiet, price-competitive drives we require for our consumer electronics audio products. Their performance helped us win the coveted Best Audio Product of 2001 award from the CEDIA."

"But beyond that," continued Piech, "Seagate has the foresight to see that consumer electronics is a vital new market, and they are doing what it takes to provide the products and build the relationships so we both can be successful."

Seagate's U Series disc drive family is designed specifically for use in CE products, and is ideal for digital multimedia applications. Featuring its exclusive "sound barrier technology" (SBT), Seagate's U Series offers ultra-quiet operation for CE applications, excellent reliability and ruggedness, and the consistent streaming performance required for consumer digital products. For multimedia products like the AudioReQuest Pro, Seagate provides the U Series CE, designed to deliver superior audio and video streaming, quiet data seeks and reduced power use.

Seagate's unique Consumer Electronics Testing and Engineering Center (CETEC) offers a variety of testing, integration and mechanical analysis services to help customers design hard drive-capable CE devices. Seagate recently opened its newest CETEC facility in Singapore, offering Asia-Pacific CE manufacturers geographically convenient services for integrating hard disc drive technology into their CE products as they innovate and deliver a brand new world of entertainment. With end-to-end relationships nurtured through its unique CETEC processes in Singapore and in Longmont, Colorado, Seagate maintains its advantage over other disc drive makers as the premium provider of added value services for CE customers.

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