Sep 04, 2001

The Fastest PC Hard Drive in History, Virtually Silent Barracuda ATA IV Available in Poland

The fastest PC hard drive ever, the virtually silent Barracuda. ATA IV is already available in Poland. This drive can be purchased through Seagate authorised distributors: ABC Data/Actebis, Asbis PL, Ingram Micro, Incom and Wolexim. The suggested resale price for the end user is 995 PLN (excluding tax) per 80 GB.

Barracuda ATA IV drive is the first drive with 40-GByte capacity per disc and 7,200-rpm performance. A revolutionary solution implemented in this drive is Seagate's SoftSonic Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motor, which makes the super-fast drive the world's only virtually silent hard drive. Barracuda ATA IV disc drive also has a record-breaking internal transfer rate 69.3 Mbytes per second. This is fast enough to copy an hour of MP3 music in under one second. Barracuda ATA IV disc drive is fast enough to stream eight movies simultaneously, in DVD quality, without dropping a frame.

The SoftSonic motor is a new, engineering breakthrough feature of Seagate's sound barrier technology (SBT). Using industry-standard tests, the Barracuda ATA IV one-disc model emits only 2.0 bels while spinning and 2.4 bels while seeking; the human ear can't hear sounds below 2.5 bels. Seagate's SBT also reduces noise using specialized seek algorithms, SeaShield. top cover and internal dampers, resonance reduction, spin commutation and other mechanical and materials design optimizations.

The Barracuda ATA disc drive family has earned more praise in the worldwide press than any other 7,200-rpm drive, and has won editors' choice awards at leading technology publications including Byte, MacWorld, PC Magazine, PC Today, Smart Computing and ZDNet. Barracuda ATA IV disc drive offers fast internal transfers up to 555 Mbits per second, an 8.9 msec average seek time, a large 2-Mbyte cache, and the Ultra ATA/100 interface for burst transfer rates up to 100 Mbytes per second. The drive features the 3D Defense System, the industry's best disc, data and diagnostic protection, making it the toughest and most reliable 7,200-rpm drive. Barracuda ATA IV is the most advanced disc drive available for high-performance PCs, gaming PCs, cost-effective network-attached storage, entry-level servers and ATA RAID systems.

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