Nov 09, 2004

Virgin Electronics Uses Seagate 1-Inch Hard Drive for Newly Introduced Virgin Player 5Gb

Virgin Electronics has chosen the world's only 5GB 1-inch hard drive, the Seagate ST1 Series, for its new Virgin Player 5GB. The Seagate hard drive's 5GB storage capacity lets music fans carry up to 1,200 MP3 or 2,400 WMA songs, and features RunOn Technology and G-Force Protection to ensure end users can enjoy their entertainment anytime, anywhere. Virgin, one of the most respected brands in the world, joins the growing list of top companies using Seagate's ST1 Series hard drive.

With 25 percent more storage than the leading mini-sized player, plus a built-in FM tuner and dual headphone jacks, the $249 Virgin Player illustrates Virgin's renowned dedication to customer value. The Virgin Player also sports excellent hardware and software integration making it truly easy to use. For example, the Virgin Player 5GB has dedicated buttons for the activities consumers do most - like changing the volume, skipping to the next song, or pausing the music. The product also includes the patent-pending Virgin DJ, which in just two button presses conveniently creates playlists from a customer's music collection in ways they couldn't do before.

"For the Virgin Player, we looked at several hard drive options, but decided that the Seagate ST1 Series offered the best value for our consumers," said Joe Sipher, senior vice president marketing, Virgin Electronics. "Using the Seagate ST1 Series 5GB drive allowed us to offer more songs to our customers at a competitive price. The Seagate ST1 Series also differs from other hard drives because its RunOn Technology helps ensure reliability - and our customers' satisfaction."

"Virgin Electronics developed a fantastic music player - with more storage for songs, and more features than any other mini-sized digital audio player," said Brian Dexheimer, Seagate executive vice president of sales and marketing. "As the world's leading hard drive company, Seagate provides the global scale, supply and support that leaders like Virgin require for high-class consumer electronics products. We're optimistic that the Virgin Player will be a hit with consumers this holiday season."

Seagate has taken the unique requirements of the portable market and developed the ST1 Series, a family of embedded one-inch hard drives for handheld music players, digital still and video cameras, PDAs, handheld video players and other handheld consumer electronics devices. ST1 Series drives enable device makers to enhance their products with rugged, high-capacity, highly reliable storage that provides the performance demanded by today's sophisticated consumers.

Seagate has one of the broadest offerings of consumer electronics storage in the industry, capable of supplying storage for the entire spectrum of today's and tomorrow's revolutionary entertainment devices - from the home theater to the pocket media powerhouse. As the only hard drive company that offers products for nearly every hard drive application, Seagate delivers a complete business and technology partnership that enables growth in the home and portable entertainment market segments.

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