Sep 03, 2007

Seagate FreeAgent Drives Capture and Preserve the Magnificent Landscape of China's Great Xing'an Mountains

BEIJING - The Great Xing’an Mountains, China’s largest State-owned forestland, is a vast territory with numerous mountain ranges, fertile valleys and unspoiled jungles covering 84,600 square kilometers in north-central China. In order to visually record this precious natural wonderland, Digital Life Press organized a group of renowned Chinese photographers to trek through and photograph this magnificent wilderness. Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) provided them with several units of FreeAgent™ Pro and FreeAgent™ Go portable hard drives so the photographers could store their digital images of this breathtaking natural landscape.

Among the renowned photographers joining the group was top celebrity photographer Li Shaobai, Huang Qikun, a renowned landscape photographer and photographic theorist, and Lu Jing, editor-in-chief of Digital Life.

The expedition started at the eastern foot of the Great Xing’an Mountains at Zhalantun City. Known as the “Suzhou beyond the Great Wall”, Zhalantun is located in the northeastern area of Inner Mongolia. Zhalantun’s downtown area is surrounded by tall mountains, virgin green forests and fresh water from the Great Xing’an Mountains.

Visitors to the Great Xing’an Mountains typically have an impression of being on a boundless green sea that is devoid of people. The amazing beauty and majesty of the mountains is beyond even the ability of the camera to truly capture. Mr. Li Shaobai commented, “This is because of the difference between the human eye and the camera lens. Through our eyes, there exists a sense of space because of the various dimensions we are able to perceive. Through pictures, however, the vastness and magnificence that one experiences personally on the scene, are hard to capture. Hence, as a professional photographer, capturing the beauty of the Great Xing’an Mountains with high-definition and high-quality images is absolutely necessary. A non-compressed RAW file is 10MB, and a TIFF file is dozens of MBs. Previously, what I did after working in the day was to delete some pictures with great reluctance at night, thus saving the storage space. But on this trip, it was easy using the Seagate FreeAgent Pro portable hard drives to store and back up all my digital contents. I can make precise image selections without having to delete other important images and this takes the pressure off me while working and I can focus on taking as many beautiful shots as I want.”

During the expedition, the photographers visited a Daur village. Daur is a very unique ethnic minority group around Zhalantun, which has a very long Daur cultural history with relic sites like Daur Jiu Village of the Liao Dynasty. FreeAgent Go data movers helped the trekking photographers preserve high quality images of the various cultural sites.

“The hard drive is an absolutely important part of my job. It is undoubtedly a smart choice for long-term backup. I was greatly impressed with the Seagate FreeAgent Go, which provided a compact design and stylish form as well,” said Mr. Li Shaobai.

Lu Jing, senior editor-in-chief of Digital Life, was the leader of the group. He said, “The Great Xing’an Mountains was a paradise to behold, but it was a painstaking job to take pictures there. At one point, we nearly lost all the pictures in an accident! A wild boar crossed the highway at lightning speed right in front of our jeep, causing us to brake hard. Everything, including the entire group of photographers, was flung about inside the vehicle. After checking to make sure that nobody was injured, we started to check our devices. Thank God they were okay. I had backed up my data with FreeAgent, so I didn’t have to worry about losing it,” he explained.

FreeAgent Go data movers brought great convenience to the photographers during the expedition. In particular, its Ceedo software was able to store and manage various types of data, such as software, passwords, files, e-mails, Web favorites and Web history. This software in the FreeAgent Go allows it to run on any PC.

“As a media professional, I have image processing software that I love and all this can be stored in the FreeAgent Go. Sometimes, in order to take fewer devices with us, we shared just one laptop computer. In this case, the FreeAgent Go shows its prowess in making anywhere computing possible,” said Mr. Lu Jing. “My personal computer interface, IE favorites and applications are all stored on it. I use it just like my own computer everywhere I go. It’s very secure and reliable, and leaves no trace of my details and work on public computers. To me, the FreeAgent Go is not merely a portable hard drive, it is an individualized, anytime experience for me.”

Andrew Yang, general manager of Seagate China, said, “With the FreeAgent family of data movers, Seagate Technology is going beyond the traditional storage business. Our FreeAgent storage solutions allow the user to escape the confines of their desktop or laptop and freely access their content anywhere and anytime. This photo shoot in the Great Xing’an Mountains is of far-reaching significance. These virgin forests are some of the last remaining on Earth as well-protected virgin ecologies are unfortunately declining worldwide. Large virgin forests effectively control the ecological balance, and play an absolutely critical role in preventing global warming. The reason that we donated products to this expedition was so that through their photographs, more people can take pleasure in the beauty of the Great Xing’an Mountains and realize the importance protecting them.”

Seagate provided the following products to the event
FreeAgent Go

Designed for college students, mobile consumers and business professionals, the new Seagate FreeAgent Go makes anywhere-computing possible by putting your desktop in the palm of your hands. Unlike many portable storage solutions that merely store, protect or synchronize files between PCs, FreeAgent Go gives you the freedom to carry your computing environment with you – including Web favorites, passwords and settings, IM, email, contacts and digital files — without having to haul around your laptop or desktop PC. Simply plug a FreeAgent Go data mover into any Windows computer’s USB port at work, the airport, a business center, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house so that you have your personal computing experience with you wherever you go. When finished, your private information and personalized settings are stored on the FreeAgent Go data mover, not on the host computer.

FreeAgent Pro
FreeAgent Pro data movers provide prosumers, creative professionals and anyone who is serious about their digital content the freedom to stay connected to it. These data movers from Seagate combine desktop and online solutions that let you access your content from anywhere, share it with anyone, and sync it to almost anything. They provide much more than just storage. All FreeAgent Pro data movers include a revolutionary, interchangeable modular interface system that provides both a combo USB 2.0 and eSATA interface (standard), or dual FireWire 400 ports for easy connection to a variety of computing devices.

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