Nov 06, 2007

Top Japanese Film-Editors Choose Maxtor OneTouch™ III Hard Disc Drive Storage Solutions

TOKYO - When the editing crew of the soon to be released Japanese film Tenten needed to protect and transport irreplaceable digital video footage, they selected Seagate Technology LLC (NYSE:STX) as their external digital storage provider of choice. Seagate’s Maxtor brand of external storage solutions was used throughout the filming, production and editing of the movie.

The Maxtor digital storage solutions were used in the editing process in which High Definition Video (HDV) was captured, backed up and physically delivered to the editing studio. “Using Seagate’s products was an obvious choice,” said Kaku Ito, director and manager of the Musetex Division of Orbit Ltd, who worked on the editing of Tenten. “We chose Seagate products because of their reputation for quality. After hours of shooting video footage, we needed to back up and transport the video on hard disc drives that we could trust.

The Maxtor family of products is the perfect solution for our demanding professional needs. Maxtor storage solutions are easy to use, extremely quiet, packed with features and have great cooling capability. I also like the distinctive design, as well as the sleek casing that cushions the shock when you place it on a desk. Maxtor successfully combines simplicity and practicality with great design,” added Mr. Ito.

Tom Kobayashi, president of Nippon Seagate Inc. confirms that he is learning that many professionals in the digital imaging industry are now putting their trust in Seagate’s products. “Production and editing professionals demand very precise and intensive audio/visual capabilities in order to create work of the highest quality,” observes Tom Kobayashi. “The fact they choose Maxtor is a testament to the high reliability, ease-of-use and functionality of Seagate’s external solutions.”

“With increasing demand for even higher quality digital audio and video, production studios will need storage that combines greater capacity, speed and reliability. Seagate will continue to meet our customers’ demands for even better and more robust storage solutions as the film industry continues its shifts to digital video,” Mr. Kobayashi said.

Premiering on November 10 at Shibuya Amuse CQN and Theatre Shinjuku, Tenten is a film based on a novel by Yoshinaga Fujita, a Naoki Award winner. Director Satoru Miki produces the film, which features actor, Joe Odagiri and the team behind the making of the very successful blockbuster TV drama series “The Aging Police”. Tenten describes a dowdy man’s life through a walk around downtown Tokyo. The story unfolds with a sentimental touch, powerfully conveyed by the director’s unique sense of humor. Featuring Joe Odagiri as the central player, the movie casts several starring actors including: Tomokazu Miura, Kyoko Koizumi and Yuriko Yoshitaka. To learn more about Tenten the movie and to watch the trailer visit the official site at

About Pre-formatted HFS+ Maxtor OneTouch Hard Disc Drives
The triple-interface, FireWire 800/FireWire 400/USB 2.0, pre-formatted, HFS+ Mac version of the highly regarded Maxtor external storage solution is ideal for creative professionals, computer power users and digital content creators. The FireWire 800 interface delivers up to 800Mbit per second data transfer rates for the quick transfer of store high-resolution data, digital audio/video, heavy multimedia files, photos and more.

About Maxtor External Digital Storage Solutions
The Maxtor family of products features an innovative industrial design and an easy-to-use interface. The internal disc drive casing is designed for durability and the rubberized surface and a multi-layered exterior shell improve quietness and provide added protection. The graphical interface is easy to use for both Mac and Windows users, and data backup, file archiving, system setup and management are all made simple. All Maxtor external storage and backup solutions come equipped with the added data security of Maxtor DrivePass™, which password-protects contents on the drive if it is ever lost or stolen. More information about the Maxtor line of external storage solutions can be found at

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