Dec 18, 2006

Seagate Hard Drives "Save" the Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival

Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX), the world's leading supplier of hard disc drives, announced that it is providing desktop PC hard drives to the EARTH VISION Organization, -sponsor of the Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival, for use in archiving and preserving more than 100 film entries from past festivals. The initiative is part of Seagate's global citizenship program comprising a range of community-based and educational activities.

The EARTH VISION Organization holds the annual Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival as a forum for examining global environmental issues through motion pictures. The festival attracts a large number of entries from around the world each year.

"We are extremely grateful to Seagate and other sponsors that have made it possible for us to share and archive the entries to our film festival," said Takashi Hirano, secretary-general of the EARTH VISION Organization "The creation of a digital archive provides great support for our future activities, as it establishes a system that will allow us to continue with educational programs for protecting the global environment."

"Seagate is honored to participate in such a worthwhile project," said Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, president of Nippon Seagate, Inc. "Our storage solutions are used by filmmakers around the world, and this project is particularly important because it preserves the ideas and visions of ecologically minded filmmakers for generations to come."

Seagate's Barracuda 7200.10 family of high-capacity enterprise storage hard drives are being used for the film festival's digital archive. With up to 750GB of storage space, the Barracuda line of hard drives delivers the industry's highest capacity, with rock-solid reliability and performance.

About Seagate's Global Citizenship
Seagate Technology is a company based on values that underpin a multi-national culture of innovation and excellence. Social responsibility is one of these values, and we take our role as a global citizen very seriously. As we create long-term shareholder value through a sustainable, responsible business model, we strive to make a positive contribution in all our communities, provide an open and respectful workplace, and provide our employees with opportunities to grow.

Seagate is a proud signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), a set of principals aimed at sustaining responsible practices in human rights, labor and environmental management. We are committed to advancing the principles of the UNGC at Seagate. We also collaborate with Non-Governmental Organizations such as Business for Social Responsibility, a non-profit organization that works with many companies to help them achieve success in global citizenship. Seagate also is a member of the EICC (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct) Implementation Group, a team chartered to help create positive social, economic and environmental outcomes of business activities through a shared approach. Information can be found at

About The Earth Vision Film Festival
Bringing awareness of global environmental issues through films "EARTH VISION - The Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival," has been held annually in Tokyo as a visual forum to examine our environment through moving images. Official entries are chosen by public invitation from Polynesia, Oceania, and Asia, including Japan. Film entries are screened for judging. Accepting entries from both amateurs and professionals is an important characteristic of this film festival.

A place for broadening networks and exchanging ideas since its establishment in 1992, the film category has become a great forum for discussion between filmmakers and audiences alike. The festival invites nominated filmmakers each year to discuss their work. In 2002, Ecomove International was launched by five European international film festivals and EARTH VISION as the network of international environmental film festivals across the world. Ecomove International organizes and supports environmental media events of global scale. And every second year, Ecomove stages a festival of environmental film festivals where the world's best environmental films are shown and awarded. Screening events are organized in Japan and abroad.

About Seagate
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