Dec 18, 2007

Seagate FreeAgent Solutions Give Director Fen Fen Cheng the Power to Touch Film Lovers' Hearts

TAIPEI, Taiwan - In the realm of multimedia creation, the creative inspiration for scripts, the process of materializing ideas, and the storage of videos, images and other digital content have become important issues for all video creators. Fortunately, high capacity, highly reliable solutions like Seagate® FreeAgent™ products are addressing the needs created by the explosion of digital content.

Having rich experience in the making of video content, director Fen Fen Cheng is well aware of the importance of backing up data. Apart from the footage shot during filmmaking and the works she has edited, she has to work with countless images and videos taken from location surveys prior to shooting and other items that may become sources of her inspiration later on. “These video files are the fruits of my painstaking work, and it was truly vexing seeking ways to fully secure and protect my video data,” she said.

Seagate FreeAgent Pro solutions offer large storage capacity and users can easily preserve valuable footage, images or clips they have collected and shoot new video content freely without storage space restraints. In addition, the online backup software featured in FreeAgent Pro products offers additional protection for content and reduces the risk of data loss.

“He would fall in love with me after 3’o clock!” is a famous line in “Keeping Watch,” a film produced in Taiwan that quickly gained popularity around the world. The movie became a hit with international film circles in the fall of 2007 and generated much enthusiastic fan discussion and love. The film’s director, Fen Fen Cheng, is one of Taiwan’s up-and-coming directors and she is known for the detailed and elaborate techniques she uses to interpret the warmth and also grimness of human relationships in our contemporary society. She has also won an award for the script of “A Ghost in Cell Phone” in the drama category of Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards. In her latest production “Keeping Watch”, she has also taken up the tasks of writing and editing, in addition to directing, to further ensure the quality of her film.

In order to achieve her artistic vision, she relies on Seagate FreeAgent Pro and FreeAgent Go storage solutions to store, access and share digital content. With Seagate FreeAgent products, Fen Fen Cheng can easily access and store large video files and share them with the production team at any place and time.

Your Best Partner for Digital Storage
“Before using Seagate’s FreeAgent products, I had to cope with the large demands for storage space needed for the preparations for film shoots and clips that required further editing. I found that I often had to make the painful decision of deleting some of my previous works or videos I had collected just to save storage space and I realized it was impossible for me to access the contents I had deleted. I am glad to have such a perfect solution provided by Seagate, which allows me to enjoy bigger storage space and better protection. Not only that, I can now take data with me everywhere and share them with my production team, which has improved my production and editing efficiency tremendously. Seagate FreeAgent solutions offer large storage capacity, convenience and data security, making it the best data storage solution and my best partner!” Fen Fen Cheng added.

“Seagate is very pleased to have the opportunity to provide outstanding storage solutions for talented directors such as Fen Fen Cheng. Seagate’s FreeAgent Pro product is specifically designed for serious video content creators and users who require massive amount of storage space,” said Brian Wickman, executive director, Taiwan and Korea, Seagate Technology. “In addition, the FreeAgent Pro product has also been designed to be incorporated in desktop and network solutions for users to share and access data anywhere. Apart from that, data synchronization can also be performed on FreeAgent Pro products with any system. Think of the FreeAgent Go product as a mobile desktop of your computer; you can easily take your operating environment with you and use it anywhere you like. Seagate is confident that these storage solutions will assist director Fen Fen Cheng in managing her video works and eliminating problems with data loss or inability to share data.”

Seagate is not only revolutionizing the way consumers stay connected to their content anywhere and anytime, but is also enabling them to personalize their digital experience with easy-to-use lifestyle tools. With a distinctive blend of integrated content management software and an elegant, sophisticated design, the new FreeAgent family of data movers is both stylish and functional to match consumers’ digital lifestyles. For further information on Seagate’s FreeAgent family of storage solutions, you can log on to

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