Oct 24, 2006

Seagate Extends its Retail Presence in China

Educating consumers on the importance of protecting their valuable digital content is paramount for Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the world's leading supplier of hard disc drives and consumer storage solutions. Extending this message, the company is kicking off its Backup Awareness campaign as well as launching four new products in China to help consumers store, share, protect, organize and access their digital lives. Award-winning Seagate and Maxtor branded solutions available in November include the Seagate Pocket Drive, the Maxtor OneTouch(tm) III Mini Edition, the Maxtor OneTouch III external storage solution with automatic backup, and the Maxtor Shared Storage(tm) II network storage solution.

The Backup Awareness campaign is designed to raise awareness of how easy it is to protect data either automatically or with the push of a button, and of the importance of doing so not only for businesses, but in an era of digital photographs and music downloads, for home PC users as well. For instance, Chinese consumers have an insatiable appetite for video downloading and peer-to-peer file sharing and are amassing vast amounts of digital content. With that, they are at risk of losing their data if it's not protected. As part of the Backup Awareness campaign, Seagate will be promoting at the Seagate Experience Center in KeMao, Beijing, the distribution of backup awareness materials in all Seagate shops, and publishing a series of advertisements at key IT media, to help educate consumers. Consumers can also access the Backup Awareness website in Simplified Chinese at www.seagatebackup.com .

"With a booming economy and one of the world's largest Internet communities, China represents a key market for Seagate and a tremendous opportunity for the company to continue to grow its worldwide community of consumer backup advocates," said Andrew Yang, Country Manager, China, Seagate Technology. "Storage is an essential element of a home or office whether it's inside a computer, attached to a home network or connected externally to a computer or laptop. Consumers need a solution that they can rely on to protect their digital files such as family photos, music collections, and games as well as personal and business documents. Offering our products in China gives consumers a variety of choices and peace of mind in knowing they are getting high-quality solutions from a company they can trust."

From quick and easy installation, to organizing content, to ultimately enjoying digital content, Seagate is making storage a pleasant experience for consumers around the world. Both Seagate and Maxtor-branded solutions offer overall simplicity, ease of use, intuitive features, performance and value. The four new solutions available in the market include:

Seagate Pocket Drive
With the Seagate Pocket Drive, consumers can easily store their digital world safely in their shirt pocket, jeans, purse or backpack, and never be without that special song, photo, presentation or document again. The award-winning Pocket Drive connects to any USB port letting consumers take serious storage on-the-go. With capacities up to 8GB, consumers can carry 133 hours of digital music, 2560 digital photos, eight hours of digital video or four PC games with them, wherever they go. The Seagate Pocket Drive also includes Secure Zone software for Windows PCs that allows users to password-protect important documents, so users can carry sensitive files without fear of who might see them, especially if the Pocket Drive is lost or stolen.

Maxtor OneTouch III, Mini Edition
Convenient, rugged and weighing approximately 7 oz, the Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition gives PC and Mac users the freedom to back up, sync and share music, photos, files or business documents anywhere they go. With up to 160GB, there's ample room to safeguard important documents, business files or personal content. As the industry's first full-featured portable drive, it includes award-winning Maxtor OneTouch technology with automated backup scheduling; Maxtor DriveLock(tm) to password-protect the contents of the drive; automatic synchronization of data between two or more computers and system rollback for returning your PC to a healthier state while keeping data current. The Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition easily plugs into any USB-enabled port on a desktop or laptop for quick data access. No power supply is needed as the Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is USB-powered.

Maxtor Shared Storage II Network Storage Solution
The new Maxtor Shared Storage II solution is ideal for small office and home network users who need to simply store, share and backup computer files, photos, music, and digital videos to one location on the network, and who may also want to enjoy this content on their networked home theater system without being tied down to a dedicated computer host. The solution is built on proven technology and designed with a user-friendly experience in mind. The Maxtor Shared Storage II solution comes in capacities of 320GB, 500GB and 1TB, needs less than five minutes to install, and provides a wealth of benefits including Maxtor Backup with an easy-to-use wizard interface for configuring backup schedules; a SimpleView(tm) feature that provides an at-a-glance view of the backup and storage status of all users on the network; exclusive, automatic Drag and Sort(tm) file organization technology; two USB 2.0 ports for connecting two printers or two additional storage solutions or one of each, and media streaming for photo, music and video playback on networked home entertainment systems. A new high-speed Gigabit Ethernet connection ensures fast data transfers and file sharing between computers on wired and wireless networks. The dual-drive solution can be set up for RAID 1 (disk mirroring), which makes an exact copy of the files on one drive to the other, so if one drive fails for any reason there's a duplicate version on the other drive as a backup.

Maxtor OneTouch III with USB 2.0 Interface
The Maxtor OneTouch III solution is an elegant and intuitive external storage and backup solution for home users, or business users who need a simple way to safeguard photos, graphics, music and data files automatically or with the touch of a button. Based on an innovative new industrial design for added reliability and robustness, the Maxtor OneTouch III solution comes with a USB 2.0 interface for easy connection to a PC, and added software features including sync and system rollback. The Maxtor OneTouch III solution combines backup with historical backup capability, simple restores, drive management, and Maxtor DriveLock(tm), which password-protects the contents of the drive in case it's lost or stolen. The Maxtor OneTouch III solutions are available in capacities up to 750GB.

For more information about Seagate and its family of network and external storage solutions, please visit www.seagate.com or www.maxtorsolutions.com.

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