Jul 18, 2007

The Genesis of a Creative World -- Andreas Gursky Relies on Seagate Technology

MUNICH, Germany - Renowned fine art photographer Andreas Gursky relies on technology from hard drive manufacturer Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) to store his images. Gursky takes hundreds of exposures to piece together a single image, eliminating distracting details and adding parts to form a new world; a world that needs vast amounts of digital storage to exist. Photos, movies, music, work and art — stored data are a permanent fixture of our digital lifestyles. Dusty file folders are a thing of the past. Digital storage media is the future — and this applies equally to the world of art. A customised combination consisting of Seagate’s external FreeAgent Pro and internal Cheetah 15K.5 hard drives stores Gursky’s vast collection of images. This allows the artist and his team direct access Gursky’s storehouse of images.

To achieve a smooth image processing workflow at his studio, Gursky uses a RAID-NAS system comprised of Seagate internal Cheetah 15K.5 enterprise hard drives, which are characterized by high availability and performance. With perpendicular recording technology, these drives provide up to 300 gigabytes of storage capacity at a super-fast 15,000 revolutions per minute and are currently the fastest and most reliable drives on the market. And with the new FreeAgent Pro external drives, Gursky and his staff now have access to the existing pool of images from anywhere. With a capacity of up to 750 Gigabytes, the FreeAgent Pro meets the needs of today’s digital lifestyle: The combination of onboard and online content management tools makes the portable drive a practical and elegant companion, especially for purposes such as touring exhibitions.

By working with Seagate, the leading manufacturer of hard disc storage products, Gursky profits from the company’s technological expertise and many years of experience in the hard drive market, allowing him to devote his full concentration to his images.

From the Becher school of photography, Gursky fascinates us with his sophisticated choreography of objects and shapes by utilizing advanced technology — analogue image captures are digitalized and post-processed on a computer. He produces only six copies of a maximum of ten images per year, but the storage space required for the electronic files is enormous. Just one of the images, which can cover as much as seven square meters, represents up to one hundred individual photographs composed to form a piece of art.

“The cooperation with Seagate is an ideal opportunity for me to make the best use of my huge image archive. Safely and compactly stored, I’m able to access my photos quickly and flexibly to process them and concentrate completely on my artistic work,” explains Gursky.

“Seagate provides more than “just” storage — we’re delighted that our concept of the digital lifestyle is successful for Andreas Gursky. The combination of external and enterprise hard disks is a perfect match. We’re convinced that with these hard drives, Andreas Gursky has made the best possible choice to preserve his photos for future generations,” says Henrique Atzkern, senior field application engineer at, Seagate.

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