Apr 03, 2008

Seagate's FreeAgent™ Hard Drive Selected as the Digital Storage Solution for the Department of Communications Design in Shih Chien University

TAIPEI, Taiwan - With the explosion of digitally created designs and content, the Department of Communications Design (the Department) in Taipei’s Shih Chien University needed a digital storage solution that offered high capacity, speed as well as reliability. That is why they have chosen Seagate’s FreeAgent Pro external hard disc drives to store the irreplaceable work of students.

According to Ming Long Lee, president of student association of the Department, “Properly managing and storing digital information has become a major issue for us. Without adequate storage we have been unable to keep all the work of our students. With Seagate’s FreeAgent Pro hard drives we have found a solution to our problem and we no longer have to worry about storage space.”

Apart from course work, each student of the Department has to submit a piece of digital work by the end of term. The size of each artwork is approximately 1GB. Over the last four years these students’ work has grown to take up a substantial amount of digital storage.

In addition to storing the works of students, the Department uses the FreeAgent Pro hard drives to store creative works of annual exhibitions, seminars and design competitions. Each student will be allocated 1GB of storage capacity to demonstrate their video works on the upcoming website of the Department. Seagate’s FreeAgent Pro hard drives simplify the storage, sharing and management of data through an easy-to-use integrated software featuring data synchronization.

As a result of employing the Seagate® FreeAgent storage solution, faculty and staff of the Department can access the enormous database of works from previous years. The password protection feature easily solves any issues of inappropriate access.

Brian Wickman, executive director of Seagate for Taiwan and Korea said he was proud Seagate’s FreeAgent Pro hard drives had been selected by the Department to satisfy their data storage needs.

“The FreeAgent range of products offers excellent performance and their sleek design make them extremely fashionable. They are the perfect devices for safe storage of critical data such as the irreplaceable content generated by the talented students and staff of Shih Chien University’s Department of Communications Design,” Mr Wickman said.

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For further information on Seagate’s FreeAgent family of storage solutions, you can log on to http://www.seagate.com/freeagent/

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About The Department of Communications Design of Shih Chien University The Department of Communications Design of Shih Chien University is ranked one of “The Best 60 Design Schools in the World” by American Business Week. In a survey of Taiwan design universities conducted by the Global Views Monthly magazine, it received the highest scores in 14 sections. The Department aims to nurture talents in animation, games, web sites, information, creative media and design through digital and creative education. The achievements of the Department are highly recognized by the creative industry worldwide. Notable awards include Red Dot Awards, Design Concept Award, International Design Competition Osaka and iF Design Hannover.