Oct 08, 2007

Seagate Teams Up with Ubisoft's Frag Dolls® to Spread the Gaming Gospel

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) today announced a yearlong partnership with Ubisoft’s Frag Dolls®, bringing together the world’s best professional-level female gamers with the world’s leading storage solutions provider. In addition to evangelizing the thrills of gaming that hard drives enable, the partnership will include a one-of-a-kind online gaming tournament in which the winner will take home highly coveted Seagate storage solutions.

"Storage is at the core of the interactive and realistic gaming experience, especially as gamers download more complex games and loads of videos, music and game extras," said Rob Pait, director global consumer electronics marketing at Seagate. "Seagate's sponsorship with the talented Frag Dolls and Ubisoft proves our desire to inspire a love of gaming among people of all ages and genders, as well as to continue to be a force in this market."

As part of the sponsorship, the Frag Dolls will also make guest appearances at three stops during Seagate's Mall Tour, which kicks off on October 19 in Minneapolis' Mall of America. The interactive gaming tour will feature the world’s most popular gaming consoles and Alienware PC gaming kiosks for exciting tournament play and to showcase the added benefits of using hard disc drives to achieve the ultimate gaming experience. During their appearances, the Frag Dolls will meet and greet fans - before pwning them in some head-to-head tournaments. The contenders who are skilled enough to avoid getting fragged will be rewarded with some of Seagate's popular branded products.

"Our years of intense gaming and tech savvy have helped us to develop a keen appreciation for how good storage solutions can improve the gaming experience," shared Morgan Romine, Frag Doll team captain.

"There's nothing more frustrating than having to clear hard drive space before you can install or download the next hot game. Partnering with Seagate is the perfect way for us to support products that are so good at supporting gamers."

The Frag Dolls, a team of nine dedicated female gamers assembled by game publisher Ubisoft, are recognized as some of the best players in the world and as advocates for the growing presence of females in the video game industry. In addition to the online gaming tournament and appearances at Seagate Mall Tour stops, members of the elite gaming team will post monthly columns on the Frag Dolls website, participate in podcasts and video interviews, and post Blogs with tips and trends on Seagate storage solutions and the gaming world.

As gamers demand more and more entertainment features from their PC and console systems, Seagate is there to provide the vital capacity and horsepower. Hard drive storage delivers the ideal capacity and multi-stream capability needed to enable features expected in today’s gaming world.

Stay tuned for more information on the online gaming tournament and the dates and locations of the Frag Doll appearances.

About Seagate
Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hard disc drives, providing products for a wide-range of applications, including Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile Computing, Consumer Electronics and Branded Solutions. Seagate's business model leverages technology leadership and world-class manufacturing to deliver industry-leading innovation and quality to its global customers, and to be the low cost producer in all markets in which it participates. The company is committed to providing award-winning products, customer support and reliability to meet the world’s growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at www.seagate.com.

About Ubisoft
Ubisoft is a leading producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products worldwide and has grown considerably through a strong and diversified line-up of products and partnerships. Ubisoft has offices in 23 countries and sales in more than 55 countries around the globe. It is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers. Ubisoft generated sales of 680 million Euros for the 2006-07 fiscal year. To learn more, please visit www.ubisoftgroup.com

About Frag Dolls
The Frag Dolls are a team of gamers recruited by Ubisoft to represent their video games and promote the presence of women in the gaming industry. Started in 2004 by an open call for female gamers, the Frag Dolls immediately rocketed to the spotlight after winning the Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow tournament in a shut-out at their debut appearance. The Frag Dolls are known not only for being skilled gamers in multiple titles but for their advocacy of female gamers - www.fragdolls.com.

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