Mar 14, 2005

iRiver Chooses Seagate 1-Inch Hard Drive for New Music Player

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the world's largest supplier of hard drives for consumer electronics, announced today that iRiver, a leading brand in digital music players, has chosen Seagate as the sole provider of 1-inch hard drives for iRiver's new H10 digital music player. The new ST1 Series is the first product Seagate is delivering as part of a strategic relationship between iRiver and Seagate, and both companies have plans to deliver to consumers more leading-edge portable audio product lines using Seagate storage technology.

By delivering 5GB of storage capacity in a 1-inch form factor, the Seagate ST1 Series enables iRiver's new innovation - H10 - to hold up to 150 hours of high-quality music. Seagate's ST1 Series lets consumers quickly download massive libraries of high-fidelity music to pocket players. It incorporates Seagate's unique RunOn Technology to ensure consistent music playback while in a high-motion environment, such as jogging - the drive actually senses and compensates for motion to stay on track. And Seagate's G-Force Protection technology protects the drive against shock from mishandling, increasing the robustness of the devices into which it's integrated. This unique rugged design has changed the playing field for 1-inch hard drives, helping music players better withstand the abuse that handheld devices are subject to.

"By leveraging the unique architecture of our new handheld music player with Seagate disc drive technology, we are creating a brand new world of digital music entertainment," said Matthew Yoon, product marketing director of iRiver. "Our design and engineering team have worked closely with Seagate's team in drive qualification and integration to develop our new H10 music player. Seagate's ST1 Series 1-inch hard drive offers the best combination of performance, reliability, battery life and cost that meet our stringent requirements - and we look forward to continuing this successful technology and engineering partnership to create and deliver more innovative products to the market."

"Seagate continues to work closely with our customers like iRiver to understand and align with their technology and needs," said Brian Dexheimer, Seagate executive vice president of Global Sales and Marketing. "Seagate listened to the music player market and developed the Seagate ST1 Series to deliver what consumer electronics companies need most - quiet acoustics, high reliability, and top streaming performance for digital media. The adoption of our ST1 Series by iRiver marks a key milestone for Seagate's 1-inch hard drive business and will pave the way for more new opportunities for Seagate as the leader in consumer electronics hard drives."

iRiver's H10 5GB is available in four stylish colors and has a compact design and powerful touch scroll. It has a very intuitive user interface on a vivid color LCD, and offers a detachable lithium battery.

Seagate is the only hard drive company to provide CE manufacturers with a comprehensive partnership: products, technology and services. Seagate's unique Design Service Centers (DSC) for Consumer Electronics in the US and Singapore offer a variety of services, including testing, integration and mechanical analysis, to help customers design, innovate and deliver new hard drive-capable entertainment devices.

With Seagate drives, consumers today have unprecedented control of their media sources. Seagate drives help people control TV content with Digital Video Recorders, music in digital jukeboxes and handheld players, and the immersive game experiences of hard drive-enabled game consoles like Xbox.

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