Jan 06, 2008

Maxtor Delivers Secure Remote Access to Your Shared Storage From any Web Browser

LAS VEGAS - Seagate (NYSE: STX) today announced at CES a free software upgrade that provides a secure and easy-to-use remote access service, empowering people to easily and securely retrieve content stored on their Maxtor® Shared Storage II™ network attached drive through any Internet browser.

Whether at home or as part of a small business network, people are recognizing the benefits of networked storage to centralize and protect data on multiple computers and across platforms. With this latest software upgrade, those with existing Maxtor Shared Storage II products will now be able to simply access and share content on their home storage device while keeping their data safe and secure.

When on the go, you can easily log into the remote access service from an Internet browser to securely access and share the files stored on the Maxtor Shared Storage II device. There are no applications to download or plug-ins required. The Maxtor Shared Storage II establishes a secure connection to the service without the need to disable firewalls, which would leave a network open and unprotected. All that is needed to access the drive from any Web browser is a username and password.

With the ever-growing dependence on access to information and digital content, whether that be multimedia content, spread sheets or business-related documents, most people will find there are times when they need to access these files remotely. Retrieving content that is on a network drive when you are not local to the network has always raised concerns about security. Previously, remote access applications required a breach in a firewall, leaving a network and your data open and vulnerable to attack. Available in late spring, Maxtor’s web access and share software upgrade, called Maxtor® Central Axis™, will enable a secure way to access content stored on a Maxtor Shared Storage II device over the Web without breaching network firewalls.

“We have entered the age of anywhere access, and people are dependent on access to information regardless of their location,” said BenHur Castro, senior director of Product Line Management for Maxtor Storage Solutions. “Our new web access and share software for Maxtor Shared Storage II is the first step to delivering on the theme of anywhere access by providing a secure and easy-to-use connection to files on your networked drive.”

The Anywhere Enterprise is a simple concept with a simple mission – allow corporate users to work anywhere using any device. But it is end users who are driving this move – often bypassing the IT department entirely – by turning to consumer technologies to blend personal and professional lifestyles. The ‘Anywhere’ revolution will be the most significant change since the integration of the Internet into organizations. It will boost productivity to new levels, alter the way companies deploy technology and shift the balance of power in the IT vendor landscape. (Source: Yankee Group Research, Inc.; Executive Summary, Consumers Define Anywhere Enterprise; March 2007)

“Addressing the need for secure and reliable access to your data from anywhere at any time is the premise for Maxtor Central Axis products,” Castor continued. “This is an innovative application that can be used for the home and the small office for sharing digital assets as well as easily accessing all of your digital media.”

In addition to accessing content over the Web, people can select content to share and invite friends, family, business associates and colleagues to securely view selected files and folders. Sharing digital media placed on the shared storage device is quick and easy. Images can be viewed as thumbnails or as a slide show from a standard Web browser. There is no need to download the file to view images. Another added convenience of the new application is that guests who have been authorized are allowed to upload content for easy file sharing.

This latest offering from Maxtor demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to providing the tools people need to back up, access and share digital assets while in the office, at home or on the road. Maxtor Central Axis software will be a free software upgrade for anyone that chooses to enable the remote access capabilities of their Maxtor Shared Storage II drive. The new application is expected to be available for download from www.MaxtorSolutions.com in March as a free download. Visit Maxtor Solutions now to join the mailing list and get notified once the upgrade is available.

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