Jan 09, 2012

Monster Digital®Teams With Seagate To Simplify PC Upgrades To Super-Speedy Solid State Hybrid Drives

LAS VEGAS - Monster Digital®, a leading innovator and developer of advanced memory storage solutions, today announced it is teaming with Seagate Technology (NASDAQ: STX), a global leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, to make it easy to upgrade laptop and desktop PC storage to Seagate’s Momentus® XT solid state hybrid drive (SSHD). With the new Monster Digital easy upgrade kit, computer users will now be able to turbo-charge the boot times and overall performance of their laptop or desktop PCs with a quick, easy upgrade to the Momentus XT drive. Monster Digital’s “Dakar” series upgrade kit will be offered with 750GB and 500GB models of Seagate’s high-performance Momentus XT drive at suggested retail prices of $289.99 and $269.99 respectively.

Momentus XT: High Performance and Big Capacities
The Momentus XT drive couples the massive capacity of a traditional hard drive with SSD speed at a fraction of the cost of an SSD. The Momentus XT drive, Seagate’s second-generation SSHD, combines a 7200RPM spin speed, a Serial ATA 6Gb/second interface, 8GB of single-level cell NAND flash memory and Seagate’s Adaptive Memory™ and FAST Factor™ technologies to deliver high-speed boot-up and application response.

Easy Installation Kitfor Upgrading Computer Experiences!
Upgrading your laptop or desktop PC with Monster Digital’s SSHD upgrade kit isn’t a task that requires a computer science degree or a house call from a techie. Monster Digital provides everything needed so just about anyone can safely and easily upgrade their own computer to the amazing experience of hybrid drive technology. The well thought-out kit includes software, cables, an instructional video and even the screwdriver. Don’t worry about handing over your valuable computer and data to a stranger to make the upgrade when you can easily do-it-yourself with Monster Digital.

Monster Digital CEO Jay Tandon noted: “Our alliance with Seagate reflects Monster Digital’s commitment and mission to provide consumers with the products and technologies they need to dramatically enhance their computing experience. Seagate is an undisputed leader and expert in solid state hybrid drive storage technology and we are indeed fortunate to be working with them to bring the SSHD solution to our customers. Today’s computer users want faster access to all their important content, from music and videos to games, documents and more. With our new Monster Digital SSHD solution, they will be able to easily and affordably upgrade their performance capabilities, allowing them to enjoy virtually solid state drive speeds, with much greater storage capacity and lower cost. Best of all, with our easy installation kit, upgrading to SSHD is a snap.”

"The Monster Digital laptop upgrade kit featuring the Momentus® XT drive will enable more computer users hungry for performance to experience solid state speed without sacrificing storage capacity or emptying their wallets," said Henry Fabian, executive director of product marketing at Seagate. "The kit makes it simple and easy to transform a stock laptop into a high-performance computing machine."

Leading-Edge Technologies for Enhanced Performance
Monster Digital’s SSHD upgrade kit will feature Seagate’s acclaimed Adaptive Memory and FAST Factor technologies (Flash Assisted Storage Technology). Adaptive Memory technology identifies data usage patterns, and then moves the most frequently retrieved information to solid state memory for faster access, tailoring hard drive performance to each user and their computer applications. FAST Factor technology blends the strengths of SSDs and hard disk drives for faster access to applications, quicker boot-up and higher overall system speed.

The Momentus XT drive is up to three times faster than a traditional hard disk drive and rivals SSDs in performance. The all-in-one design of Momentus XT drive makes installation and upgrading simple and easy for any laptop or desktop computer and with any operating system.

In addition to its new SSHD upgrade kit, Monster Digital offers a high performance line of solid state drives, a comprehensive line of super rugged, SD, MicroSD and CompactFlash memory cards. SD cards range in density from 8GB to 128GB at class 10 and UHS-1 speeds, as well as MicroSD cards from 4GB to 32GB capacities at class 10. Monster Digital’s first CompactFlash Cards are notably 800x speed and UDMA 7. Monster Digital memory card products are waterproof, impact, temperature, magnetic resistant and the best way to safely keep your photos, videos, music and data.

About Monster Digital®
Simi Valley, CA-based Monster Digital is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing today’s most advanced memory storage solutions. The company’s leading-edge memory products feature high-capacity storage, rapid transfer rates, and rugged construction that meet military standards for shock, vibration and impact so users can relax and enjoy the moment now and for years to come. Learn more at www.monsterdigital.com Monster, the Monster logo, Monster Digital, the product and packaging are trademarks or registered trademarks of Monster Cable Products, Inc., or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. SD, SDHC, miniSDHC, microSDHC, SDXC and microSDXC Logos are trademarks of SD-3C, LLC.

About Seagate
Seagate is a worldwide leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions. Learn more at http://www.seagate.com.

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