Jan 06, 2008

Seagate D.A.V.E.™ Technology Enables Broad Range of Mobile Storage Applications for a Variety of Consumer Devices

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) is making it easier than ever for consumers and mobile professionals to access their growing digital content when, where, and how they want. The company’s Digital Audio Video Experience™ (D.A.V.E.™) Technology Platform is a mobile wireless storage platform that lets users download, store and play back photos, music, videos and business documents on the device of their choice. At CES this week, Seagate made announcements with Sanyo, PortoMedia, and HarmanBecker aligning the D.A.V.E. platform with a variety of digital devices.

Designed to be compatible with industry standard protocols including USB, USB On The Go, Bluetooth 2.0 EDN and WiFi 802.11b/g, D.A.V.E. technology gives users unprecedented flexibility in the devices they can use, offering support for mobile phones, digital movie cameras, home media servers, and automobiles, among others.

Creating New Applications and Revenue Streams
The D.A.V.E. platform will appeal to telcos who may choose to leverage it to monetize high-speed networks, and to OEMs who may choose to customize the D.A.V.E. technology to create a branded product suited to their channels. For the automotive industry, D.A.V.E. technology represents an opportunity to offer consumers a full range of digital content in their car now, rather than waiting for integrated digital offerings to become widely available in automobiles. Since D.A.V.E. technology is an open platform it enables developers to create new applications and content that take advantage of the larger capacity.

Demand for access to mobile multimedia applications and content continues to grow: According to a recent report by MultiMedia Intelligence, the worldwide unit shipments of multimedia feature-rich mobile phones will exceed 300 million units in 2008 – outnumbering shipments of TV sets – and revenue from these handsets is anticipated to be more than $76 billion. 1

Supports Wide Range of CE Applications
The Seagate D.A.V.E. mobile platform provides a centralized hub to allow users to bring primary digital content with them without affecting the design of their phone, mobile device, digital recorder or automobile.

“The broad range of manufacturers deploying D.A.V.E. technology, as well as the variety of devices and applications they serve, indicate how mobile content storage has become relevant to almost every aspect of our lives,” said Patrick King, senior vice president and general manager of Seagate’s Consumer Electronics Business Unit. “Mobile storage is more significant than ever before, and D.A.V.E. technology is being used to enable the much-anticipated digital lifestyle.”

Everyone from consumers to mobile warriors has the opportunity to use the Seagate D.A.V.E. platform to access their entertainment and business files, and its customers and applications are varied, including:

High-definition digital video storage
- Add up to 60GB of storage for the freedom to take crisp, clear HD videos or high quality photos, all without sacrificing the look and feel of your digital movie camera.
High-speed, secure digital content distribution to the home and portable devices
- A fully secure, DVD-quality movie can be downloaded from the Digital Content Kiosks to the Seagate D.A.V.E. Technology Platform in approximately 15 seconds.
Media server applications for automotive applications
- Automobile OEMs gain the ability to provide customers with more storage for movies, music, games and more, and multiple passengers gain a way to consume their own unique digital content throughout the vehicle.
On-the-go unified content management and data storage
- The compatibility between the D.A.V.E. Technology Platform and smart phones provides consumers and mobile professionals with significant wireless storage capacity to quickly download, store and access their entertainment content and business documents.

Features of Seagate’s D.A.V.E. Platform
The D.A.V.E. technology:
• Has 60GB of capacity, holding up to 15,000 songs, 60 hours of video or 30,000 photos;
• Operates wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.0/WiFi (802.11 b/g) or with USB and USB On The Go;
• Connects to devices up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) away;
• Has up to 10 hours of operation and 14 days of standby;
• Weighs only 110g yet is capable of withstanding a drop from up to 1.5 meters;
• Automatically synchronizes content between mobile devices and a home content database; and
• Connects to a variety of content sources and is compatible with most mobile phone operating systems supporting UPnP or Web browsing capability over WiFi.

About Seagate
Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hard disc drives that enable the creation, storage, sharing, and protection of digital content everywhere—the home, hand, car, and office. Providing products for a wide range of applications, including Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile Computing, Consumer Electronics and Branded Solutions, Seagate’s business model leverages technology leadership and world-class manufacturing to deliver industry-leading innovation and quality to its global customers, with a goal of being the lowest cost producer in all markets in which it participates. The company is committed to providing award-winning products, customer support and reliability to meet the world’s growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe at www.seagate.com.

Seagate, Seagate Technology and the Wave logo are registered trademarks of Seagate Technology LLC in the United States and/or other countries. D.A.V.E. is either a trademark or registered trademark of Seagate Technology LLC or one of its affiliated companies in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. When referring to hard drive capacity, one gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes and one terabyte, or TB, equals one trillion bytes. Your computer’s operating system may use a different standard of measurement and report a lower capacity. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus will not be available for data storage. Quantitative usage examples for various applications are for illustrative purposes. Actual quantities will vary based on various factors, including file size, file format, features and application software. Seagate reserves the right to change, without notice, product offerings or specifications.

1 Multimedia phones have at least 1 megapixel image capture, MP3 audio, video playback, Java, USB, Bluetooth, 16-bit screen color, QVGA resolution, WAP and MMS.