Nov 17, 2015

Seagate Celebrates 20-Years Of Innovation And Investment In China At Wuxi Anniversary Event

Creation of the Storage Industry Association of China also announced

Wuxi, CHINA— Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in storage solutions, today celebrated its 20th Anniversary in China and used the occasion to announce the establishment of the Storage Technology Association of China (STAC), initiated by China Information Industry Association and Seagate Technology. The news was revealed at a media briefing held at the Crowne Plaza, Wuxi Taihu, followed in the afternoon by a grand ceremony at the Wuxi Sports Center which was attended by Steve Luczo, Seagate’s chairman and chief executive officer, along with other senior executives. Also taking part in the event were Wuxi city government officials and Seagate employees, as well as key customers and business partners.

Seagate first entered the Chinese market in 1995, and in the 20 years that followed, has committed itself to remaining at the forefront in the innovation and development in the country’s storage industry. With its strong technological knowledge and experience, Seagate has worked with many customers and business partners to help capture market opportunities – both domestically and overseas. 

The STAC is the first official storage industry association in China and includes more than 30 members from central and local government IT agencies, industry associations, government think tanks, research institutes, storage industry leaders, partners and clients in the industrial ecosystem. Seagate is proud of its role in founding the organization and believes it reflects another example of Seagate’s efforts at growing with China, and making contributions to the healthy development of the ecosystem together with government agencies and industry partners.

China is of strategic importance to Seagate in its overall business direction. Since entering the market, its total investment in the country has exceeded US$1.4 billion and its 12,000 employees in China account for more than twenty percent of its global workforce. Production in China represents more than 58 percent of the company’s worldwide drive shipments. By 2012, Seagate’s combined shipments over the lifetime of the Wuxi and Suzhou facilities exceeded 1 billion for the first time – a new milestone. Meanwhile, Seagate has established and maintains strategic partnerships with Tencent, Baidu, China Telecom, Kingsoft Cloud and other leading enterprises in China, cooperating on both product and technological development to help address challenges and opportunities in Internet and Cloud environments.

“I’m delighted to commemorate this historic occasion. Seagate’s development in China has been impressive and significant, and has produced great results,” said Dave Mosley, Seagate’s president of operations and technology. “With its industry-leading technologies and products, employees’ efforts and strong corporate culture, we can be proud of our achievements. In the future, we will continue to invest in the Chinese market, expanding our relationships and achieving even more success.”

Seagate Factories in China

Wuxi Factory
Seagate’s Wuxi plant was established in 1995 to build hard disk drives for personal computers and consumer applications. Located in the Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park, the 87,000 square meter facility is staffed by more than 6,000 employees and houses a number of automated printed circuit board assembly lines, hard drive production lines and testing operations. As Seagate’s largest hard drive manufacturing facility, the Wuxi plant played a strategic role in establishing the company’s leadership in the world’s fastest growing technology market, and has been honored with various titles and accolades including “Wuxi Top 100 Outstanding Foreign-Funded Enterprise”, “The Foreign-Funded Enterprise with Largest Volume of Export”.

Suzhou Factory
Seagate began its operations in Suzhou in a 107,000 square-meter facility in 2004, with a US$200 million investment and staffing which has grown to 4,000 employees. Using state-of-the-art automation, activities here include Desktop HDD, Laptop HDD and Enterprise-level HDD production. The Suzhou factory was honored with various awards including “2011 Suzhou Industrial Park Top 10 Excellent Enterprise”, “2012 Suzhou Safety Production Management Model Enterprise and “2012 Suzhou Charity Model Enterprise”.

Seagate China 20th Anniversary Celebration Event
Seagate is celebrating its China 20th anniversary event at the Wuxi new stadium on November 18. Activities included three sections including an indoor performance show with themes of “Gather”, “Thought” and “Future”. About 12,000 employees from Seagate China and other top executives, local governmental leaders were invited to celebrate this milestone.

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