Jan 08, 2007

Seagate Unveils Dual Retail Brands for Consumer Mass Market

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - As part of an innovative awareness campaign by Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) to clearly differentiate its Seagate and Maxtor consumer brands, attendees of the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)are being greeted by one of the world’s largest interactive media displays at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). The eye-catching, 30-foot interactive display, between the Central and South Hall, features a swirl of animated content – movies, music, books, art and photos – that follows show attendees as they walk by. People can also interact with the projected images on the wall by their own waves, jabs, jumps and other movements. The novel media display visually showcases the core theme behind the launch of Seagate’s new consumer brand: That the digital content we collect and share is part of our identity. It surrounds us in life and is a major part of who we are, so wherever you are, whenever you need it, Seagate makes sure “Your On.”

In addition to the creative Seagate brand re-launch, Seagate is introducing a new, highly-differentiated Maxtor consumer campaign. In 2001, Maxtor introduced the storage industry’s-first one-touch backup and storage solution, which provided new ways for consumers to protect their digital content. Maxtor took a complicated task like data backup and simplified it with a push of a single button. Today this flagship product, the Maxtor OneTouch, continues its success and is a product people turn to when they want to keep their data safe. Building upon this need to protect precious data, the new Maxtor campaign demonstrates how when you lose a piece of your data – your family photos, digital history and important documents – you lose a piece of yourself.  So that your data is preserved, “save your life” by storing it on Maxtor branded product. Unique nine foot wide by 20 foot tall banners at Seagate’s booth show everyday people with pieces of themselves missing – a symbolic representation of what can happen when you forget to backup digital content. To illustrate the kinds of files that consumers save and stockpile inside their computers or laptops, Seagate is displaying huge “piles of files” in Las Vegas. An enormous, 8-foot high “pile of photos” greets consumers as they arrive at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport baggage claim area and a massive 12-foot “pile of CDs” towers over show attendees at the LVCC South Hall main registration area. These dramatic displays provide compelling visual evidence of what can be lost forever if data is not backed up. 

“The whole idea with our dual brand strategy is to clearly differentiate our Seagate and Maxtor brands for different market and customer needs and preferences. Seagate is all about your freedom and Maxtor is about saving your digital life,” said Jim Druckrey, senior vice president and general manager, Seagate Branded Solutions. “For Seagate, it’s a lot more about digital lifestyle, about freedom and your portable digital environment. So it’s literally about being able to escape the confines of your desktop or your laptop – and having your content available to you where and when you need it. For Maxtor, it is about preserving the data you create every day – in order to ‘save your life.’ If you don’t back up the pictures from your child’s fifth birthday party, they can be gone. When you lose your digital content, you lose a part of yourself.” 

First in a series of new Seagate-branded products is the FreeAgent™ family of data movers. FreeAgent data movers deliver your content and desktop environment anytime, anywhere. New features include a 24/7 online storage service called Seagate Internet Drive; the ability to carry your Web preferences, settings, passwords, contacts and favorites with you anywhere you go; and the freedom to automatically move your content wherever you want it – like moving your latest project to a flash drive, your email and contact info to your MP3 player, and your photos to a Shutterfly™ account. The FreeAgent family of data movers is expected to be available via Seagate’s global network of retailers and distributors beginning this February.

“With our broadened retail product portfolio, we’re now better able to target the needs of unique sets of consumers, instead of the one-size-fits-all approach of many storage companies,” continued Druckrey. “Being the first major player in the storage industry to have more than one retail brand with unique features, benefits and offerings is part of Seagate’s new DNA. Having a broad brand portfolio enables us to offer retailers more opportunity to grow their businesses, it gives consumers compelling and different reasons to buy our products, and ultimately it can build our market share.” 

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To see images of the new dual brand campaign, or to view and listen to videocasts and podcasts of Jim Druckrey and other senior Seagate executives at CES, or to learn more about the new family of Seagate FreeAgent data movers and other Seagate and Maxtor solutions, please visit http://www.seagate.com/ces2007

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