Harness More Space and Peak Performance for Xbox Series X|S

Seagate and Microsoft have bottled lightning once again—this time offering gamers a powerful Storage Expansion Card that’s engineered to keep pace with the wicked performance of the Xbox Series X|S.

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“Seagate is thrilled to be a key player in next-gen gaming. Our Xbox Series X|S Storage Expansion Card delivers additional game storage at peak speeds, replicating the console’s internal SSD experience.” 

— Jeff Fochtman, Seagate Senior Vice President


Store More. Wait Less.

Designed for seamless performance and massive storage space, the new Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S is the plug-and-play solution for Xbox devotees looking to sharpen their gaming prowess. Here’s what you need to know about it:    

  1. Built with 1TB of spacious capacity for must-keep games 
  2. Engineered inside out to perfectly match the peak performance of the new Xbox Series X|S 
  3. Integrates directly with the Xbox Velocity Architecture so that players can enjoy faster load times, Quick Resume, richer environments, and more immersive gameplay 
  4. The only storage upgrade that will let you store (and play) next-gen Xbox Series X|S games while also improving the overall performance of thousands of original titles across Original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One 
  5. Plug-and-play functionality means it’s easy to remove the card and take games anywhere

How do I set up the Storage Expansion Card?  
Easy—just remove the protective cover and insert into the dedicated Storage Expansion port into the back of your Xbox Series X|S console. After a few seconds you’ll see a screen notification letting you know your Expansion Card is ready for play. 
If I have multiple Storage Expansion Cards, can I hot swap them to access games on other cards? 
Yes. If you have a favorite game you want to play stored on a different card, simply swap in the card you want to use. You’ll just need the disc or Xbox profile of the game’s owner to play.  
Will the card work on other Xbox Series X|S consoles besides mine? 
For sure! Storage Expansion Cards are portable and include a protective transport cover. Plug your card into a guest console and then sign into your Xbox profile or insert the disc of the game you want to play for full access to your game library. 
Is there any performance gain/loss compared to my console’s internal storage?  
The Storage Expansion Card has been engineered in collaboration with Seagate and Xbox to maintain the same peak performance as the console’s internal SSD for a streamlined gaming experience.  
Will this card work on my Xbox One or PC? 
No. The Storage Expansion Card works exclusively with the Xbox Series X|S console for optimized compatibility and gameplay performance. 
I have an external HDD and SSD from my Xbox One. Will they work with Xbox Series X|S? Can I use them instead of the Storage Expansion Card? 
Yes and no. Check it out— 
Yes: On Xbox Series X|S, your external HDD and SSD Game Drives can be used to play thousands of Original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One classics while serving as high-capacity Game Vaults for Xbox Series X|S titles. 
No: Games optimized for Xbox Series X|S require the Xbox Velocity Architecture. When you’re ready to play those—just transfer them from your external HDD or SSD to your internal SSD or Storage Expansion Card.  
Once I fill up my Xbox internal drive and Storage Expansion Card, can I still install games on a large external drive? 
Definitely. You can use your external USB-connected HDD or SSD as a Game Vault to install and store your entire library of Xbox games—from classics to new titles Optimized for Xbox Series X|S. If you don’t want to delete a favorite Xbox Series X|S title, just move it from your internal SSD or Storage Expansion Card to your game vault to free space for your next game.  
How will the Storage Expansion Card work if I have games on discs versus digital format? 
When you launch a game installed from a disc, your Xbox Series X will require you to insert the disc into the console to begin gameplay. Be sure to bring your game disc with you if you’re playing on a friend’s Xbox. 
If you purchased your game digitally from the Xbox Store, you will need to sign in with the Xbox profile that was used to purchase it.  
Can I play Original Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One games using the Storage Expansion Card? 
Yes. Xbox Series X|S is backward compatible with thousands of Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. You’ll be able to play classic games from your external Game Vault, or take advantage of the Xbox Velocity Architecture performance by playing from your Xbox Series X|S SSD or Storage Expansion Card. 
Nothing happened when I inserted the card into the Storage Expansion Port on my Xbox Series X|S. Is my console not recognizing my Expansion Card? 
It’s uncommon, but there may be instances where this happens. Try this: 

  1. Go to Xbox Settings > Storage 
  2. If your Storage Expansion Card is not shown, remove the card, wait 30 seconds, and reinsert the card into the slot (making sure that the Xbox Nexus logo is towards the USB + ethernet LAN port) 
  3. If your Expansion Card is not recognized after 30 seconds, remove the card, restart your console, and repeat the process 
  4. If the problem persists, please visit https://www.seagate.com/support/ for further assistance

I tried to open a game, but I was prompted with a message to sign in. What do I need to do?

Your Xbox profile is your key to authenticate ownership of games purchased or redeemed digitally from the Xbox Store. Just sign in using the email and password of the Xbox profile that was used to purchase the game, and you’ll be ready to play. 
How do I know if a game is installed in my internal drive versus my Storage Expansion Card or external HDD?

  1. Go to Xbox Settings > Storage
  2. Select each storage volume to see installed titles and move them between internal/external storage

In the My Games menu, you can also filter storage volumes with the drop-down menu in the top of the screen