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Skyhawk Is Optimized for Surveillance Workloads

SkyHawk is specifically optimized to meet the rigorous demands of surveillance workloads. Built from the ground up for the challenges of 24/7 operational environments, these hard drives are tailored to handle high volumes of data with consistent performance and reliability. Whether monitoring a small business or securing a large public area, SkyHawk drives offer surveillance-specific features that ensure data is written accurately and retrieved quickly.

SkyHawk Supports 64 HD Camera Streams

Supports 64 HD Camera Streams

SkyHawk surveillance HDDs are expertly designed to manage the high demands of multiple camera streams in surveillance systems. They can support workloads up to 180TB per year and efficiently handle simultaneous HD video streams from up to 64 cameras without any drop in frame quality thanks to the ImagePerfect™ firmware. The drive's advanced rotational vibration sensors help maintain stability and reliability even in systems with multiple drive bays. With superior streaming capabilities and steadfast reliability, the Seagate SkyHawk hard drives are a top-tier solution for comprehensive surveillance recording.

SkyHawk For Systems That Work 24/7

For Systems That Work 24/7

With a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 1 million hours and available storage of up to 8TB, SkyHawk surveillance hard drives offer unparalleled durability and reliability for demanding surveillance environments. They're built to sustain the rigorous demands of continuous video recording and are enhanced with Seagate's ImagePerfect™ firmware. This technology ensures fewer interruptions in video recording, maintaining strict data integrity even in intensive 24/7 operations. Additionally, SkyHawk's lower power consumption contributes significantly to its reliability, reducing heat emissions and increasing overall system longevity.

SkyHawk Seamless Compatibility

Seamless Compatibility

Seagate SkyHawk surveillance drives offer seamless compatibility with major DVR and NVR systems. Engineered specifically for surveillance, these drives support up to 64 HD cameras, ensuring reliable and continuous operation. With optimized performance and enhanced durability, SkyHawk drives provide worry-free, high-capacity storage solutions for surveillance needs.

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Recovery Rescue Protects Your Data

Protect your data against unforeseen challenges. SkyHawk goes beyond standard performance with its Recovery Rescue service, providing an essential layer of data protection for your surveillance system. Your data remains secure and recoverable even in unexpected data loss due to physical damage or accidental deletion.

With the inclusion of a robust three-year Rescue Data Recovery Plan¹, SkyHawk users know that expert data recovery is readily available. Seagate's recovery services boast a high success rate, offering advanced data retrieval options that minimize downtime and prevent data loss.

Note: Rescue Data Recovery Services not available in all countries. Contact your Seagate sales representative for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surveillance hard drives are designed for continuous 24/7 operation, unlike standard desktop HDDs, which are meant for intermittent use. They offer higher reliability and durability, supporting multiple HD camera streams with optimized firmware. This ensures minimal downtime, longer lifespan, and seamless performance in recording and storing video footage, making them ideal for security systems.

Yes, a surveillance HDD can be used in a desktop setup, but it's not optimal. Surveillance drives are designed for continuous, high-write workloads, which may not be necessary for desktop use. They typically cost more and don't offer the same performance benefits for tasks like gaming or general computing. Desktop HDDs are optimized for varied read/write tasks and offer better performance for typical personal computer uses.

Using surveillance HDDs in external storage applications offers several benefits. These drives are built for continuous, 24/7 operation, ensuring high reliability and durability. They handle large, sequential write workloads efficiently, making them ideal for video storage. With enhanced firmware, they provide minimal downtime and are optimized for multiple HD streams, making them perfect for storing and accessing large amounts of data consistently and securely. Their robust design also means they can withstand the rigors of constant use, ensuring long-term performance and reliability in external storage scenarios.

Using a regular desktop HDD for surveillance purposes is not recommended. Desktop HDDs are designed for intermittent use with varied read/write tasks, not continuous 24/7 operation. They lack the firmware optimizations needed for handling multiple HD video streams, leading to potential reliability issues, increased wear and tear, and higher failure rates. Surveillance HDDs are specifically built for constant recording and playback, offering enhanced longevity and consistent performance necessary for security systems. For reliable and efficient surveillance, it's best to use drives designed for that specific purpose.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) and Surveillance HDDs are both specialized drives but designed for different purposes. NAS HDDs are optimized for multi-user environments, providing high reliability and performance for frequent file sharing and storage in RAID configurations. They support error recovery controls and are ideal for networked storage.

Surveillance HDDs, on the other hand, are designed for continuous 24/7 operation, focusing on sequential write performance to handle multiple HD camera streams. They are optimized for constant recording and playback, offering higher durability for video surveillance applications.

SkyHawk surveillance HDDs utilize advanced recording technology called Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR). PMR aligns data bits vertically on the disk platter, allowing for higher data density and more reliable recording. This technology is complemented by SkyHawk’s ImagePerfect firmware, which is designed to reduce frame loss and enhance video integrity. The drives also incorporate Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors to maintain performance in multi-drive environments, ensuring smooth operation even in demanding surveillance systems. This combination of technologies ensures optimal performance, reliability, and longevity for continuous 24/7 surveillance workloads.

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  1. Compatible on 4TB and higher.

  2. Rescue Data Recovery Services not available in all countries. Contact your Seagate sales representative for further information.