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Data at rest is storage.
Data in flight is experience.

Welcome to 2020. Wondrous, immersive technologies are triggering explosions in the amount of data created worldwide. How much? Let the analysts do the numbers. Seagate’s CES presence this year is all about the fun of data-driven technology. So pull back the curtain—and experience data in flight.


Immerse Yourself

Ordinary moments are turning into captivating experiences thanks to the data-fueled magic of AR and VR. Imagine stepping into a world where you become encircled by a three-dimensional masterpiece—that you’re painting. That world is here, and you can see it in this Google Tilt Brush video.

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Value of the AR/VR market in billions of dollars in 2020

Creative Pros

Capture the Whole Story

A picture is worth a thousand words—which means the cameras of the future will let creative pros say so much more. Producing avalanches of data, these 4–8K cameras show the world in exquisite, true-to-life detail.

Increase in amount of archived entertainment media between 2017 and 2020

Digital Preservation

Preserve Our Legacy

Using cutting-edge 3D scanner technology, CyArk is capturing detailed representations of the world’s significant cultural heritage sites before they are lost to natural disasters, destroyed by human aggression or ravaged by the passage of time. Watch the video to see how they leverage data to share and protect these vestiges of human history.

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Number of sites CyArk will digitally preserve by 2020


Elevate Your Outlook

The meteoric rise of drone technology has dozens of commercial and government applications, such as search and rescue, security and surveillance, conservation and even unmanned cargo delivery. But nothing will get your propeller spinning like the mesmerizing creative use of drones in this video compilation from DJI.

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Million photos and videos captured by DJI users in the last year


Own the Competition

Today’s gaming releases don’t just keep your attention—they transport you. In this video, a Seagate-sponsored professional gaming team shows you in real time what it means to turn a virtual landscape into a sports arena.

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Annual growth of the gaming peripheral market through 2020

Data Center

Experience Enterprise

From keeping better tabs on chronic illness to helping businesses leverage the right data, enterprise storage in data centers will help solve the toughest human and commercial challenges. How much are we asking of data centers?

Terabytes of storage shipped in the enterprise market in 2020

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