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How Free Is Your Data?

Join our webinar on Nov. 17th at 9 a.m. PST to hear from Seagate and ESG on how to minimize multicloud costs and maximize innovation.

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Key Takeaways

Today's leaders are experiencing anxiety over growing multicloud costs. Companies that win are ones that tightly control data-related costs while scaling data-driven innovation. In this webinar with ESG, we’ll dive into findings from a recent report and the steps your organization can take to become more multicloud-mature and, ultimately, more successful in unlocking your data’s business value.

Multicloud Complexity Is Rising

More than half of respondents currently manage 100+ intercloud integrations. Those using 4+ cloud providers is expected to double in two years.

Data Costs Make It Worse

73% of business and IT leaders report that their organization is hampered by data retention costs, which limits their ability to maximize data value.

The Multicloud Maturity Model

Using our one-of-a-kind model, we examined companies’ ability to minimize data costs and maximize data-driven innovation in the context of the multicloud.

How Your Business Can Win

How does your multicloud maturity rank? Answer the report’s survey questions to find out—and check out our advice on how to level up.


  • Speaker
    Hugo Bergmann

    Hugo has 25+ years of experience in IT focused on storage in various positions in engineering, sales, product management, and marketing at leading manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and system houses, and end customers.

  • Speaker
    Scott Sinclair

    Scott is a practice director for the Enterprise Strategy Group and leads ESG's infrastructure, cloud, and DevOps team where he advises top IT tech leaders and emerging innovators on product and go-to-market strategy while driving research investigations into the state of IT infrastructure, operations, and application development across the distributed cloud ecosystem.