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Multicloud Freedom: Now in the UK

Join us this 20 Dec. at 12pm GMT and discover how to significantly reduce multicloud costs and complexity with Seagate Lyve Cloud.

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Key Takeaways

In the past year, 69% of UK organizations have deleted unstructured data. That data holds value—but it was burdensome to keep and activate. Multicloud just doesn’t make it easy. Lyve Cloud changes that.

As an S3 object storage platform delivered as a service, Lyve Cloud by Seagate eliminates the costs and complexities keeping you and data’s value at arm’s length. And now it’s available to UK businesses. Join us this November and find out how to unlock multicloud freedom.

Unlimited Capacity

Capture petabytes of unstructured data while reducing capital expenditure with Lyve Cloud’s predictable, pay-as-you-grow billing.

Zero Egress/API Fees

Transfer data in and out with no egress fees and no add-on charges for API traffic or quotas.

Frictionless Data Movement

Move your data across edge and cloud environments to wherever it creates the most value and support for rapid activation.

Now in the UK

Lyve Cloud has recently launched in a London data center so that UK businesses can take control over their cloud costs—and their data.


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  • Speaker alt Hugo Bergmann

    Hugo has 25+ years of experience in IT focused on storage in various positions in engineering, sales, product management, and marketing at leading manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and system houses, and end customers.