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Tape Migration Made Easy

Join us Dec. 8th at 9 a.m. PST and learn how to easily unlock the value of your legacy data with Lyve Cloud Managed Migration.

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Key Takeaways

When legacy data is stored on tape and other outdated media types, it can be difficult to leverage it for business impact. But, by migrating data from tape to Lyve Cloud, you can make it available to tools in the cloud—and then use that data to innovate and drive value.

Less Migration. More Access.

Overcome linear tape-open (LTO) migration challenges by putting data in Lyve Cloud object storage for unlimited capacity and data access.

Better Cost Efficiency

Tape archives are inexpensive—maintaining them is not. With Lyve Cloud, you can glean insights from legacy data 24 × 7 at a low cost.

White-Glove Service

Our expert team will help you plan and execute your migration to Lyve Cloud, including repatriation to your data center.

Active Archive for Active Insights

With Lyve Cloud, you can turn a legacy tape archive into an active archive that can be analyzed and monetized.


  • Speaker
    Hugo Bergmann

    Hugo has 25+ years of experience in IT focused on storage in various positions in engineering, sales, product management, and marketing at leading manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and system houses, and end customers.