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Your Ultimate Solution for Ransomware and Data Backup

Join our webinar and learn what it takes to nail secure data backup, fast recovery, and unified analytics. See you December 13th!

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Key Takeaways

Join Veeam and Seagate experts for this live webinar to learn about recommended best practices to protect against both malicious ransomware attacks and inadvertent sources of data loss and review the steps to set up a data protection plan using Veeam’s 3-2-1-1-0 solution.

Immutable Backup Storage

Discover why, what, and how to stay resilient using a hardened Linux repository to keep backup data immutable.

Seagate SAN Storage

See how Veeam’s software-defined solutions seamlessly integrate with Seagate’s range of Exos® X enclosures—ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

Seagate ADAPT

Learn how Seagate ADAPT erasure coding provides a higher level of protection against drive failure without sacrificing performance, with up to 95% faster rebuild times than traditional RAID.

Physical Data Protection

Understand how Seagate Secure™ self-encrypting drives protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized users in the event of drive loss, theft, or retirement.


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    Jeff Reichard Vice President, Public Sector & Compliance Strategy

    Jeff Reichard is VP of Public Sector & Compliance Strategy at Veeam, where he focuses on risk, compliance, and partnerships. Jeff has 25 years of experience in data protection/availability, business continuity, and regulatory compliance solutions. His previous roles have ranged from designing SAN and data backup solutions to systems engineering and engineering leadership serving public sector and enterprise customers. Prior to Veeam, Jeff most recently led Commvault’s federal civilian SE team. At Veeam, Jeff works with partners, customers and industry analysts to evangelize Veeam’s vision for modern data protection.

  • Speaker
    Hugo Bergmann

    Hugo has 25+ years of experience in IT focused on storage in various positions in engineering, sales, product management, and marketing at leading manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and system houses, and end customers.