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Cloud Storage Elevates Data Protection

Your data could grow by as much as 28% in the next year. Protect it in the cloud without being penalized for egress.

Download Your Copy of the Report

Download Your Copy of the Report

You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Egress Fees or Data Availability

The most efficient solutions for backup and recovery are in the cloud. But with most public cloud services charging additional fees for data egress and API calls, these solutions are also the most expensive. In this report, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the barriers preventing organizations from adopting online backup and disaster recovery as a service—as well as what’s needed to overcome them.

Data Growth
Mass Data is Straining Storage Infrastructure

Increasing volumes of data are forcing organizations to reevaluate their IT infrastructure and data protection strategies

Data Outage Risks
Data Loss is Costly for Businesses

Downtime caused by data outages has a major impact on revenue and can negatively inhibit a business in multiple ways.

Cloud Adoption
Cloud-Based Data Protection isn’t New

Most organizations with hybrid or multiclouds are already incorporating data protection into their overall cloud strategy.

Prohibitive Costs
Additional Cloud Charges Add Up Fast

Egress charges and API access fees are hampering the adoption of cloud storage services.