An ESG Technical Review

Reduce Cost and Complexity of Your Cloud Storage

Experts weigh in on why Lyve Cloud is the smart business move for your data.

See ESG’s Review

See ESG’s Review

Key Takeaways from the Review

Storing data in multiple clouds, keeping it organized and secure, migrating apps, and so on—it’s a process that’s essential to business but often fraught with setbacks that halt innovation, and hurt your budget. The good news? There’s Lyve Cloud, Seagate’s S3 object storage service designed for multicloud.

In this technical review, IT analyst Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) discovered through a hands-on demonstration that Lyve Cloud simplifies operational tasks while helping organizations save time and money.

Takeaway One
Simplify Data Operations

ESG validated Lyve Cloud’s ease of use and storage provisioning, multicloud management, and the simplification and integration of operational tasks.

Takeaway Two
Access Your Data 24 × 7

ESG found that data is always available with Lyve Cloud, without having to wait for it to move to more responsive storage tiers.

Takeaway Three
Deepen Your Data’s Value

Lyve Cloud’s simple scalability and long-term cost predictability can complement your existing cloud strategy so that data can flow to wherever it generates the most value.

Takeaway Four
Save up to 93% on Cloud Storage

ESG verified how Lyve Cloud’s transparent pricing can help customers to redistribute their budget toward business innovation and growth.