An ESG Technical Review

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Top analysts weigh in on the proven power of Lyve Mobile.

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An ESG Technical Review of Lyve Mobile

Key Takeaways from the Review

Capturing, storing, moving, and managing data is essential to business, but it’s often fraught with setbacks that halt innovation—and hurt your budget. The good news? There’s Lyve Mobile.

In this technical review, IT analyst Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) examined multiple industry use cases and discovered that Lyve Mobile helps organizations transfer huge volumes of data, in less time, with calculated cost savings of up to 78%, compared to standard network transfers.

Takeaway One
Simplify Data Operations

From creating an account and setting up a project to ordering and using devices, ESG found that Lyve Mobile makes data management easy.

Takeaway Two
Reduce Security Risks

ESG noted that Lyve Mobile takes data security seriously, offering customers peace of mind that their data is always protected.

Takeaway Three
Increase Business Agility

ESG validated that, with Lyve Mobile, customers can have their data when and where they want it, leading to faster analysis and insights.

Takeaway Four
Save Time and Money

ESG found that when it comes to moving mass data under tight deadlines, Lyve Mobile offers businesses a huge advantage.