Case Study

Boosting Japan’s AI Market

Innovation LAB—Creating Japan's largest AI co-creation community.


Solving Customer Problems with AI

NTTPC, a telecom company based in Japan, knew that many small-to-midsize companies faced resource challenges when developing and using AI to help with business processes. Their solution? Create Innovation LAB—a place providing high-speed processing and high-capacity external storage infrastructure where AI companies and creators can collaborate to develop solutions.

Focused Performance

Japan's largest no-charge AI co-creation community uses Exos® series storage paired with NVIDIA GPUs to speed up processing.

Lowered TCO

Customers using this AI service based on Exos storage and NVIDIA GPUs save time and money spent scaling GPUs into usable clusters.

High-Capacity, On-Demand Storage

The large capacity of Exos drives allows for storage to be allocated to different instances based on business demands.

Collaboration Without Cost

Innovation LAB provides AI companies and creators a space to work together without compute and storage costs.

Their Story

Innovation LAB—Building Japan's largest AI co-creation community.

Companies using AI to solve problems are looking to scale up processing power without over-spending. That’s why NTTPC created Innovation LAB—a no-fee collaboration program bringing AI companies and creators together to support R&D and proof of concept (PoC) projects. NTTPC provides the use of NVIDIA GPUs paired with Seagate® Exos high-capacity storage servers to customers for free.

Their Goal

Increasing Japan’s AI market.

NTTPC’s long-term goal is to help boost Japan’s growing AI market. Innovation LAB provides a space for Japanese AI companies and creators to collaborate while offering them no-cost compute and storage services.

Their Problem

High service costs for AI startups.

Although AI can help companies analyze and automate business processes, it’s often too expensive to build on-premises AI infrastructure. In addition, using pay-as-you-go AI cloud service providers can become more expensive as the demand to scale up compute and storage power increases.

Their Solution

Create a no-charge AI collaboration.

NTTPC realized that it could combine its networking and AI innovations expertise with the proficiency of its technology partners. In doing so, it created Innovation LAB—a GPU and storage platform designed to provide a place for their AI customers to combine their strengths and collaborate on developing AI to improve their business processes.

Before partnering with Seagate, Innovation LAB had difficulty storing large amounts of data in the cloud, so they wanted to use a richer external storage device rather than a built-in GPU server. Seagate provided them with faster, less expensive AI services than cloud-based providers offer.

By using Seagate Exos series high-capacity storage paired with NVIDIA GPUs, Innovation LAB provides customers with powerful AI services. They chose Seagate Exos due to its intuitive, easy-to-use Japanese GUI interface, RAID ADAPT functionality, and large capacity, as it can store many hard drives in a highly integrated manner.

Their Success

Solving customer problems with AI.

Innovation Lab is helping regional development with its tripartite partnership with Oita Prefecture and Hyper Network Society Institute. By working with Innovation LAB, Oita Prefecture has made it possible for businesses to incorporate AI into their processes. 

“One of the reasons for adoption is that the Exos X 5U84 can store up to 1.5PB of data (as of February 2022) in one chassis and can simply manage a large amount of data while accumulating it at high density. It was also a big attraction that the storage server was easy to manage, such as capacity allocation.”

Yu Morishge
Innovation LAB GPU Engineer
Products Used

Seagate Exos X 5U84

A cost-effective high-capacity solution for applications that require performance, low latency, and a full enterprise software stack.

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