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Creating Digital Avatars—Backed Up by Seagate

Digitizing humans requires a lot of storage—and Seagate® delivers.


Seagate supplies ample storage to create digital avatars.

Woden Technology creates digital avatars for the metaverse and other applications. These creations need a significant amount of data storage that can handle scalability, security, and efficient sharing. The Seagate® Exos® CORVAULT system helps contain this data, including its own data guardian—Tera 1024.

Terabytes of storage when you need it

Exos CORVAULT delivers multi-petabyte capacity to store ample data—such as the 160TB generated by an avatar in a 20-minute movie.

Self-Healing reliability—on demand

With Autonomous Drive Recognition, CORVAULT minimizes e-waste, downtime, and human intervention by renewing errant drives in-situ.

Hyperscale efficient for smooth data sharing

With Exos CORVAULT, Woden employees can easily collaborate and share data. 

Solution partner and customer

Equipped with Exos CORVAULT and Exos HDDs, Woden created Tera 1024— Seagate’s first metaverse digital icon named the “Guardian of Data.”

Their Story

Creating Digital Avatars

Woden Technology is headquartered in Beijing, China and focuses on the research, development, and application of creating digital human and metaverse basic technologies.

Their Goal

Digitizing Humans for Multiple Industries

Woden Technology is committed to being the best at creating the most advanced visual effects technology in the metaverse. They serve customers in M&E, banking, automotive, and other industries.

Their Challenge

Digital Personas Require Ample Data Storage

It takes a lot of storage to create digital personas. An initial scan of a person produces about 8TB of data, and after image refinement it can increase to nearly 40TB. In a 20-minute movie, the avatar would generate more than 160TB of data. It’s no surprise that the data storage solution chosen to birth these digital icons is critical.

Their Solution

Seagate—Solutions Partner and Customer

Woden Technology’s digital avatar creations need a significant amount of data storage that can handle scalability, security, and efficient sharing. They use Seagate’s Exos CORVAULT intelligent storage system and Exos enterprise hard drives to store the multiple terabytes it takes to create digital humans, including Seagate’s first metaverse digital icon, Tera 1024. Woden Technology is now equipped with increased storage capacity and reliability to continue creating even more digital avatars.

Their Success

A New Perspective

Seagate’s Exos CORVAULT now brings a new perspective to Woden Technology’s storage capabilities. The solution not only meets Woden’s storage needs, but also helps its employees collaborate and share data more efficiently.   

“Seagate’s storage solution solves Woden’s current data problems when making digital icons. Woden Technology will continue to enhance its technology, allowing for more virtual scenes to be implemented.”

Zhang Yue ,
CEO, Woden Technology

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