Andrew 'Mudrock' Murdock

Music Producer & Audio Engineer



Andrew “Mudrock” Murdock is proclaims himself as “the Band Ruining Famous Hollywood Producer.” Evidently, this is said tongue-in-cheek as Mudrock has produced and/or engineered many outstanding records over his 30 years in the recording industry.

“The new GoFlex products are a really smart idea because you can change the interface to fit any format. As I’m moving projects around with clients and different studios, it makes my life much easier. I don’t want any other drive.” — Murdock

He cut his teeth in his hometown of Boston, running a studio for a decade, and then headed for Los Angeles shortly after producing a multi-platinum record for Godsmack. After working in a number of studios around L.A., Murdock opened the Hobby Shop Studios in 2005 and has called it home ever since.

Andrew Murdock's Portfolio

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Artist's Gear List

  • Macintosh G5
  • Maxtor One Touch Turbo
  • GoFlex Net
  • GoFlex Pro Portable Drive
  • FreeAgent Go for Mac
  • GoFlex Desk 2TB

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