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Using Seagate Game Drive on Another Xbox

If you'd prefer to watch a video on this topic, let Seagate’s Maka break it down for you here.

Portability. One of the great benefits of using a Seagate Game Drive is your ability to take all of your games anywhere—your entire library on one compact drive and no external power source needed. Let us take you through all the steps.

Image of Game Drive for Xbox attached to Xbox console

How to Play Your Games on Another Xbox

  1. Install your game(s) on your Game Drive. How to Video.
  2. Turn off your Xbox.
  3. Unplug your Game Drive.
  4. Plug your Game Drive into a different Xbox.
  5. Turn on the Xbox. It will automatically recognize it.
  6. On the Home Screen, click “My Games & Apps”.
  7. Select “Game” and then “All Storage”.
  8. Select the game you wish to play.
  9. If the game was initially installed with a disc, you’ll be prompted to install the disc. If it was downloaded from the Xbox store, you’ll just need to sign in to your Xbox account.
  10. Enjoy your games at a new location!

One Drive to Rule Them All

By following the above directions, your games can go anywhere you go. If you originally installed the game with a disc, you’ll have to bring the disc with you to play it at a friend’s house. We recommend downloading digital versions of your games from the Xbox Store—it helps keep your footprint small and your portability optimized.

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Thanks for reading and happy gaming ✌