Seagate + DriveScale

Composable Compute and Storage Infrastructure

Cloud-like agility and efficiency for data-intensive applications.


The Seagate & DriveScale Solution Advantage

DriveScale and Seagate make it easy for users to choose compute and storage instances that automatically and securely deploy an application-ready, scale-out cluster, offering unprecedented TCO and on-the-fly adaptability.

Eliminate Overprovisioning

Solve for underutilized resources and wasted spending with DriveScale orchestration with compute and GPU nodes and Seagate's high-density storage systems.

Free Up Captive Resources

When resources are captive in the same box, expanding and upgrading that box wastes spend and increases operational costs. Composable infrastructure changes that.

Tame Server Sprawl

Dynamically orchestrate only the required resources for each unique job, then release back to the resource pool when finished.

Create an Elastic Bare-Metal Cloud

Deploy on-demand instances of compute and storage to deliver the exact resources your applications need.

Reference Architecture

Build Your Composable Infrastructure

Learn how to implement DriveScale’s Composable Platform with Seagate’s Exos® AP 5U84 system and DriveScale’s Composable Platform Software.

“DriveScale’s composable software platform combined with Seagate’s storage systems create cloud-like elasticity for both compute and storage data centers, helping to lower costs by 50%.”

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Denise Shiffman
Chief Product Officer at DriveScale
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