GoFlex Satellite iTunes export tool for MacOS

GoFlex Satellite Export for iTunes is an optional MacOS application that will assist the user in copying media files and playlists from an existing installation of iTunes to the GoFlex Satellite drive.


  • Step 1

    Connect the GoFlex Satellite drive.

  • Step 2

    Download the file GoFlex Satellite Exporter for iTunes.dmg to your MacOS computer.

  • Step 3

    Double click GoFlex Satellite Exporter for iTunes.dmg to run the installer.

  • Step 4

    Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

  • Step 5

    Connect the GoFlex Satellite to the computer.

    Step 6

    Open iTunes and there will be a new Ribbon icon next to Help on the Apple menu bar. Click the Ribbon to start an Export action.