DiscWizard Version: 23.0.22800

The software lets you quickly install your new disc drive with wizards that guide you through the processes of creating and formatting partitions on your disc drive, transferring data, and backing up your data.

Release Notes

DiscWizard makes adding a new hard drive much easier. It can be used in several different ways. For example, you can use it to copy all the data from an old drive to the new one. The new drive will have the operating system, and will be bootable. DiscWizard can also partition and format a new drive for additional storage.


We have updated DiscWizard to better fit the needs of today’s technology (improved USB support, improved support for diagnostic partitions, and Windows Vista/Windows 7 support). The newer tools are below.


  • Installing a New Drive

    If you are setting up your new drive, use the tools built into your operating system to prepare the drive. You can also visit our DiscWizard support page for more information.

  • Data Migration

    If you are upgrading and want to migrate your data from the old drive to the new drive we provide DiscWizard as an option. Check out our instructional video on how to use DiscWizard to replace your hard drive.

Software Version:16.0.5861