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About your Lyve account Cloud Storage settings

Explains Lyve account and cloud settingsThese settings allow Lyve to store lightweight and super-compressed copies (or, “thumbnails”) of your photos. Having this setting on enables Lyve to quickly move lightweight versions of your photos between your devices. Plus, if you own a Google Chromecast, having this setting on allows you to ‘cast’ your photos to your TV wirelessly. We have it turned ON by default, to allow Lyve to easily generate those mobile-optimized photos, but you can turn it OFF if you'd rather not use this service. Lyve has no access to your photos, regardless of whether or not this service is on.

For Lyve app users who do NOT have a Home, Studio, or Lyve Drive, this service defaults to on at all times and is not adjustable, as the Lyve app experience is dependent on the thumbnail service. Unless you own one of those devices, you won't even see the Cloud Storage setting when logged in to your Lyve Account.

Note: These thumbnails are not a copy of your original full-resolution photo. So, don't delete the originals.

How do I turn it off? (Lyve Home, Studio, or Lyve Drive owners ONLY)
To turn this setting off, simply log in to your account here, using your Lyve Account email address and password. You can do this from either your mobile device or computer. Once logged in, go to the Settings page and deselect the checkbox next to Cloud Storage:

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What about my other mobile devices and computers? Do I have to do anything else?
If you have the Lyve app on your other computers or mobile devices, you don’t have to do a thing other than launch those apps and let Lyve get to work! Lyve will start creating optimized versions for your devices (including Chromecast) in the background.

Note that the process of generating these optimized versions could take some time, depending on the size of your total Lyve collection - up to an hour or so for larger accounts. For Chromecast users, we generate HD thumbnail versions of every photo you have in your Lyve collection, so you’ll see the quality of your photo thumbnails improve over time.

I enabled this feature and Lyve is telling me I have to do it again. What gives?
If you have Lyve on multiple devices, those devices which were asleep when you initially enabled the feature may not “see” that the setting has been toggled on right away, and may prompt you to enable it again. If so, make sure your device has a solid connection to the Internet and just re-launch the app in a few minutes - you should be good to go after that.

If you’d like to learn more about managing your Lyve account, check out this article. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!