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Adobe FAQ

There are a few ways to redeem the Adobe offer included with your drive. The Adobe redemption method depends on your device

  • The most common - locate the ‘Start_Here’ icon on your drive
  • For some LaCie drives - locate the flyer in the box with a code
  • For DJI Copilot - register through the Copilot app and wait for the confirmation e-mail

Using the ‘Start_Here’  method

  1. Locate the ‘Start_Here’ icon on your drive
  2. Double click the ‘Start_Here’ icon on your drive
  3. Follow the steps in your browser
  4. On the ‘Summary’ page click the Adobe banner
  5. Click 'Redeem Offer' which will start the Adobe process
  6. Follow the Adobe steps and download the software


How can I redeem the offer?

  • For products other than the LaCie DJI Copilot, if the box didn’t include a flyer with a code then you must use the ‘Start_Here’ icon on the drive. For DJI Copilot register using the app and wait for the confirmation e-mail.

Will it work if I register at

  • No, registering at will not work. The redemption process must be done using one of the ways listed at the top of the article

When does the offer expire?

  • Offer expires one year from date of registration except for the DJI Fly Drive which expires on May 31, 2019

What if the ‘Start_Here’ icon is missing or there is no flyer in the box?

  • In these situations the only option is to contact Support with proof of purchase using this link -
  • Support will provide you with a custom link to redeem the offer
  • Links from support will not work using Linux or your mobile device’s browser. The process must be done using a computer
  • This process does not include DJI Copilot which must be done by registering through the Copilot app