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Changing the date and time of your photos within Lyve

If you find some photos or videos in your Lyve collection which have incorrect dates (either on your Timeline, or in the Digest view), it's easy to fix! Here are a few ways to the edit date and time of your photos or videos in Lyve:

Changing the date on a group of photos or videos

  1. Open Lyve on your iOS or Android device. Tap on Photos or Videos via the Lyve Menu.
  2. Choose the Select option (look for a "checkmark" icon) in lower righthand corner of the screen, then tap to select the photos or videos you'd like to adjust.
  3. Now tap the Calendar icon, and change the date to the correct date. All selected photos will now have the correct date associated with them in your timeline.

Changing the date and time of an individual photo or video

  • Open up the individual photo in Lyve in any view. You'll see some icons along the bottom edge of the screen:
    • On iOS devices, you'll choose the "more options" icon (three dots) in thelower right of the screen to get to the date and time edit window.
    • Similarly, on Android devices, just choose the "more options" icon (three dots) in the lower left of the screen.

Note that date and/or time changes only apply to the photos and videos within your Lyve collection. The original photos (no matter where they came from) are not affected by these changes.